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How the Meltdown vulnerability affects cloud services

By Dave Shackleford 28 Feb 2018

The Meltdown vulnerability has far-reaching implications, including with cloud providers. Expert Dave Shackleford looks at the Meltdown CPU flaw and what it means for the cloud. Read More

Worksite health services providers on the rise

By Shaun Sutner 23 Feb 2018

Employers are turning to workplace health vendors to provide on-site healthcare services to workers to reduce healthcare costs and drive engagement and productivity. Read More

When customer service automation goes off the rails

By Don Fluckinger 13 Feb 2018

CRM sales and service automation can drive down costs when they drive customer self-service. But if they frustrate customers, what's the actual implementation cost? Read More

IBM cloud services to secure mainframes out to the edge

By Ed Scannell 16 Mar 2018

Big Blue will introduce IBM cloud services that use blockchain, containers and its z14 mainframes to deliver improved security across cloud and on-premises environments. Read More

Managed services pricing: Tips for creating predictable revenue

By John Moore 16 Mar 2018

Many MSPs still rely heavily on an hourly billing rate and cost-plus pricing. Michael Backers, an MSPAlliance board member, offers advice on moving to managed services pricing. Read More

Analysts: How to make IBM Cloud services more competitive

By Trevor Jones 15 Mar 2018

To make IBM Cloud more competitive, Big Blue must stand by its enterprise base, while it also satisfies the developer community and expands its infrastructure tools. Read More

New risk to cybersecurity in healthcare: Hacker as a service

By Scott Wallask 08 Mar 2018

Health IT and hospital security professionals must try to stay ahead of cyberattacks against electronic patient records. But now hackers are prepping the next generation. Read More

VMware cloud services tidy up AWS migration path

By Trevor Jones 08 Mar 2018

VMware Cloud on AWS has improved migrations, cost controls and availability, as VMware pitches customers on the value of hosting vSphere-based workloads on the public cloud. Read More

What's driving the adoption of WebRTC services today?

By Tsahi Levent-Levi 08 Mar 2018

WebRTC adoption is influenced by the ecosystem around the technology, including browser support and commercial products. Emerging technologies could also affect future deployments. Read More

Setting up a service automation framework

By Jan-Willem Middelburg 31 Oct 2017

In this third tip in a series on service automation, the global CIO searches for and finds a service automation framework. Read More