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How snapshot and CDP integrate with an organization's data backup strategy

11 Jul 2013

Technologies that have traditionally been managed separately are increasingly becoming integrated into the backup process. Two of these technologies, snapshot and continuous data protection (CDP), have been growing... Read More

Taking advantage of VM snapshots in a virtual desktop environment

By Serdar Yegulalp 17 Jun 2013

With VM snapshots, you can make one desktop VM into many. Just watch out for performance when snapshotting in a virtual desktop environment. Read More

How VMware snapshots work

By Eric Siebert 04 May 2011

Disk snapshots can save VMware virtual servers from patches and upgrades gone wrong. This tip covers how to create and work with various types of snapshot files. Read More

VMware snapshot best practices

03 May 2011

Expert insights to help organizations ensure efficient VMware virtual machine snapshot mechanisms. Read More

Backup vs replication, snapshots, CDP in data protection strategy

By Chris Evans 17 Jun 2014

Best practice data protection strategy combines backup with snapshots, CDP and replication for different levels of recovery Read More

Is there a rule of thumb for how often to create a snapshot?

By Rob McShinsky 29 Apr 2013

Virtual machine snapshots can help organizations avoid lengthy downtime, but do you know when and how often you should create a snapshot? Read More

Use storage snapshots as an alternative to traditional backup

19 Apr 2013

In this video, learn more about storage snapshots, how they work, and how to use them as an alternative to traditional backup and score more benefits. Read More

Snapshots in the cloud: The developers friend

01 Feb 2011

Cheap storage space and snapshots that cost very little to administer or produces make life much easier for the enterprise developer. Read More

Snapshots from nullcon Tritiya Day 2

18 Feb 2012

A quick look at what happened during nullcon 2012. Read More

VMware linked clones: Making the most of the snapshot feature

By David Davis 01 Mar 2013

In this tip, VMware expert David Davis explains how the VMware linked clones feature works and how to optimize it with free add-ons. Read More