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Flat backup technology changes rules and cost of backup

By Paul Crocetti 15 Nov 2017

Flat backup uses snapshots and replication to provide cost-efficient data protection and quick recovery. What do you need to know to make it work in your storage system? Read More

VMware snapshot tools help admins keep a trim virtual environment

By Rob Bastiaansen 13 Dec 2013

Snapshots in your vSphere environment weren't meant to last forever. Here's how to ferret them out before they drag your virtual infrastructure down. Read More

Tintri Cloud Connector writes VM backups to AWS, IBM

By Garry Kranz 17 Aug 2017

Tintri Enterprise Cloud enhances VMstore snapshots to cloud and expands predictive analytics for compute and storage. Cloud Connector treats the cloud as a tertiary repository. Read More

Look to flat backup products for reliable, simple backups

By Brien Posey 11 Aug 2017

Flat data backups weren't always seen as suitable replacements for traditional backups. Today, various improvements to the snapshot-based technology may have turned the tide. Read More

Sanbolic Melio adds flash support, WORM and writable snapshots

By Todd Erickson 08 Nov 2013

Sanbolic Melio 5.5 storage and data management software platform expands hardware support to solid-state drives and PCIe flash. Read More

How to automatically consolidate VMware snapshots in vSphere 5

01 Oct 2012

IT admins sometimes create and delete VMware snapshots for recurring tasks. Two experts suggest ways to consolidate VMware snapshots automatically. Read More

Back up IaaS components for vRealize Automation

By Stephen J. Bigelow 03 Nov 2017

During a vRealize Automation backup, you can use snapshots for IaaS components, but you have to create additional notes and copy configuration files to ensure a complete backup. Read More

How to implement snapshots

11 Mar 2008

Snapshots can establish recovery points in just a fraction of the time needed for a traditional backup and can significantly reduce recovery point objectives by supporting more frequent recovery points. This ... Read More

Troubleshooting VMware snapshots

By Eric Siebert 24 May 2010

Virtual machine (VM) snapshots are a great tool to identify problems with VMs. An expert explains troubleshooting common problems that arise with snapshots in VMware ESX Server. Read More

Pure Storage backup data replicates to Cohesity disk

By Garry Kranz 13 Mar 2017

All-flash vendor Pure Storage is teaming with converged data protection startup Cohesity to enable tiered storage of array-based snapshots. Customers can replicate primary storage snapshots between ... Read More