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Execute PowerCLI commands to manage VMware infrastructure

By Stuart Burns 05 Jan 2018

PowerCLI cmdlets like Get-VM can be built out to obtain information about VMs in a VMware infrastructure, including those with attached CD-ROMs and those with snapshots. Read More

Posey: Features of a next-gen data snapshot

21 Dec 2012

Brien Posey explains some of the new features in next-generation data snapshot technology in this Storage Decisions presentation. Read More

CIO Snapshot: Speed of change, cloud among biggest CIO challenges

By Karen Goulart 17 Jan 2014

We asked IT leaders their opinion of the biggest CIO challenges. Change management, moving to cloud and customer service head the list. Read More

Which data protection methods are here to stay?

By Jim O'Reilly 20 Dec 2017

Despite a changing market, disk-based approaches like continuous backup and snapshots might still have a place in your backup and archiving strategy. Read More

Modern data backup trends include cloud archiving, analytics

By Jim O'Reilly 14 Dec 2017

While technologies like snapshots may need some tweaking before becoming a widely used backup tool, the cloud will have a big year in the backup and data protection sphere. Read More

How to implement snapshots

11 Mar 2008

Snapshots can establish recovery points in just a fraction of the time needed for a traditional backup and can significantly reduce recovery point objectives by supporting more frequent recovery points. This ... Read More

VMware snapshot tools help admins keep a trim virtual environment

By Rob Bastiaansen 13 Dec 2013

Snapshots in your vSphere environment weren't meant to last forever. Here's how to ferret them out before they drag your virtual infrastructure down. Read More

How to automatically consolidate VMware snapshots in vSphere 5

01 Oct 2012

IT admins sometimes create and delete VMware snapshots for recurring tasks. Two experts suggest ways to consolidate VMware snapshots automatically. Read More

The flat backup, or backup-less backup, data protection option

By W. Curtis Preston 05 Dec 2017

With snapshot-based backup techniques and copy data management, you can effectively recover lost or damaged data without relying on traditional backup software. Read More

Troubleshooting VMware snapshots

By Eric Siebert 24 May 2010

Virtual machine (VM) snapshots are a great tool to identify problems with VMs. An expert explains troubleshooting common problems that arise with snapshots in VMware ESX Server. Read More