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VM data protection: When snapshots just aren’t enough

By Stephen J. Bigelow 27 Sep 2010

Admins working in virtual environments should be careful not to let the speed and convenience of snapshots overshadow the potential threats to data integrity. Read More

Exchange data protection: Snapshot vs. CDP

By George Crump 24 Nov 2008

With Exchange data protection growing increasingly important, one option -- snapshot technology -- leaves much to be desired. But CDP vendors are stepping forward with technology to ensure a high level of Exchange ... Read More

Data snapshots and clones on DAS

By Brett Cooper 01 Apr 2005

Storage expert Brett Cooper offers advice about data snapshots and clones on DAS. Read More

What are some new data deduplication techniques?

By Chris Evans 28 Nov 2016

Copy data management is just one technology utilizing recent innovations in the backup deduplication space, combatting sprawl and managing snapshots. Read More

What are Hyper-V snapshots? It depends whom you ask

By Greg Shields 27 Jul 2010

What's a Hyper-V snapshot? One thing's certain: A Hyper-V snapshot is not a primary backup method. But with numerous software vendors that abuse the term, it's easy to get confused. Read More

Promise adds snapshots, thin provisioning, storage virtualization; and other data storage news

09 Jul 2010

Promise rolls out storage appliance with management, data protection; Arkeia adds backup agent for VMware; VCE alliance gains first European Vblock 1 sale; and other data storage news. Read More

Gartner Symposium roundup: Mastering leadership in a digital ecosystem

07 Nov 2016

2016 Gartner Symposium Instagram snapshot: We chronicle our time at the event and highlight the themes of mastering leadership and discovering your place in a digital ecosystem. Read More

PC virtual desktop on an encrypted USB drive: Product snapshot

By Ron Condon 01 Jun 2010

While booting a virtual desktop from a USB might not be new, booting a desktop that features and focuses on security is. In this article, U.K. Bureau Chief Ron Condon examines the newest offerings in the secure USB... Read More

Virtual disk performance and VM snapshot issues in Microsoft Hyper-V

By Michelle Laverick 12 May 2010

As he dips his toes in the Hyper-V waters, VMware expert Mike Laverick finds some downsides to the VM snapshot process and virtual disk performance. Read More