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Virtual disk performance and VM snapshot issues in Microsoft Hyper-V

By Michelle Laverick 12 May 2010

As he dips his toes in the Hyper-V waters, VMware expert Mike Laverick finds some downsides to the VM snapshot process and virtual disk performance. Read More

Reduxio Systems Reduxio HX550

By Garry Kranz 11 Feb 2016

Reduxio hybrid HX550 supports instant recovery to any point-in-time snapshots. Read More

Virtual data backup best practices: Shared storage and snapshots

By Stephen J. Bigelow 26 Apr 2010

Virtual data backup is more complicated than you're used to. New data backup best practices, such as shared storage and snapshots, will help you meet these challenges. Read More

Avoiding storage array snapshot pitfalls in a VMware environment

By Scott D. Lowe 04 Jun 2008

Storage array snapshots created from a VMware platform can be useless if you aren't aware of a few pitfalls that interfere with array snapshot consistency. Read More

SQL Server backups using SAN database snapshots

21 May 2008

In his overview of SAN snapshots for the DBA's tool belt, SQL Server expert Brent Ozar discusses performance impact, filegroup and file layout, replication, transaction logs and snapshots for data warehouses. Read More

Choosing between VCB and SAN-based backups comes down to snapshots

03 Apr 2008

Choosing between VMware Consolidated Backup and SAN-based methods may come down to how you want to use snapshots. Learn about the differences between how VCB and SAN storage employs them in this tip. Read More

Index and search software: Product snapshots and specifications

03 Apr 2008

The product snapshots in this chapter highlight key specifications for a cross section of index and search software products. Read More

Product snapshots: Disk array consolidation products

21 Feb 2008

Knowing the purchasing criteria for enterprise-class disk arrays, as well as product specs for the leading arrays, can help storage managers make savvy buying decisions. Read More

Commvault IntelliSnap partnerships eye more thorough backup

By Paul Crocetti 28 Dec 2015

Commvault partners with NetApp and Infinidat on IntelliSnap to simplify increasingly popular snapshot management and for a more inclusive backup offering. Read More

NetApp automates VMware snapshots, storage provisioning

By Beth Pariseau 12 Feb 2008

Updates to NetApp's software portfolio add new automated features and integration, but users and analysts say there's still room to tighten things up. Read More