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Storage operational analytics tools add value

By Randy Kerns 06 Sep 2016

New features and functionality are constantly being added to storage systems. As operations have come to depend on functions such as remote replication and snapshots embedded in the storage ... Read More

Resource Guide: Snapshots

08 Dec 2003

Learn what the experts are saying about where and when to use snapshot technology as part of your backup and disaster recovery architecture. Read More

How and where to use snapshot technology

By Christopher Poelker 20 Nov 2003

Discover the differences among snapshot, clone and snapclone. Read More

Row versioning with SNAPSHOT isolation level

By Adam Machanic 23 Sep 2005

Using "dirty" reads is a thing of the past. SQL Server 2005 expert Adam Machanic discusses SQL Server 2005's new snapshot feature. Read More

Channel roundup: Who's gone where?

By Sean McGrath 26 Feb 2016

Your weekly snapshot of activity in the channel, with moves this week at Ingram Micro, TmaxSoft and ServiceNow Read More

A new DevOps survey underscores demand for automation

By Valerie Silverthorne 27 Jun 2017

Three new surveys offer a snapshot of app dev today. DevOps is hard to do, and being a big data engineer will mean a big paycheck. Job hunters will also want to know Amazon EC2. Read More

Using storage snapshot technologies as part of your data backup strategy

By Rick Cook 27 Jul 2009

Storage snapshots provide a fast method of providing a copy of your data in case a file is lost or deleted. For that reason, they are becoming a popular as a way of handling some backups. Read More

Use snapshot for open files

06 Jun 2003

How to work around files that are open when you backup. Read More

Using snapshots, CDP and data deduplication as part of your data backup strategy

By Lauren Whitehouse 13 Jul 2009

Snapshots, CDP and data dedupe have made their way into traditional data backup products and can help you forge a more reliable data backup plan. Read More

Reduxio Systems Reduxio HX550

By Garry Kranz 11 Feb 2016

Reduxio hybrid HX550 supports instant recovery to any point-in-time snapshots. Read More