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Software is a general term for the various kinds of programs used to operate computers and related ...Read More

Who put the AI in software?

19 Apr 2018

With artificial intelligence, anything seems possible. And that leaves a whole lot of room for the imagination to wonder about how the use of AI in software tools can change how the work gets done -- and who ... Read More

Don't overlook these practices in software modernization

By Jan Stafford 14 Mar 2018

During app modernization projects, teams commonly overlook basic goals, processes and tools, which can sully app launches as a result. Read More

What should companies know about sustainability software?

By Dave Turbide 12 Mar 2018

Sustainability is composed of social, environmental and economic pillars. That's why technologies focused on this market address different needs. Here's a narrow glimpse. Read More

What are software accelerators?

By Adrian Bridgwater 11 Mar 2018

The software industry is always focused on acceleration and speed - but typically we're thinking about processor performance and code execution effeciency. But now, we are turning our focus to ... Read More

What is HCM software, and what are the HR software benefits?

By Mary E. Shacklett 01 Feb 2018

Human resources software, or human capital management software, handles everything from benefits administration and applicant tracking to retaining and rewarding star employees. Read More

Which software engineer skills matter? All of them

By Valerie Silverthorne 19 Apr 2018

The ongoing developer shortage means employers face unique challenges when it comes to hiring. LinkedIn's Sarah O'Brien offers insight into how developers behave and what they're really looking for. Read More

Preventing diagnostic errors in medicine with software

By Shaun Sutner 30 Mar 2018

In this podcast, a medical expert talks about how physicians can avoid diagnostic errors -- a top threat to patient safety -- by using AI-based clinical decision support software. Read More

HYCU software becomes independent company

By Dave Raffo 28 Mar 2018

Nine months ago, Comtrade Software launched HYCU software designed specifically to back up Nutanix hyper-converged systems. Now Comtrade Software has become HYCU. Comtrade Software today officially ... Read More

HR recruiting software struggles against demographics

By Patrick Thibodeau 27 Mar 2018

As retirements mount, competition for workers is getting intense. HR must act quickly on hiring and improving employee retention, which includes a smooth onboarding experience. Read More

Learn the benefits of APM software in the enterprise

By Zachary Flower 27 Mar 2018

An APM platform monitors a company's application infrastructure, hence helping to optimize app performance, improve end-user experience and even ensure proper SLA compliance. Read More