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Red Hat: open source genesis, to mainstreaming revelations

By Adrian Bridgwater 07 Feb 2018

Computer Weekly Open Source Insider continues its analysis and deconstruction of major open source distros this month with a series of personal conversations inside Red Hat. Stormy Peters, senior ... Read More

Open source networking projects unite under Linux Foundation

By Jennifer English 26 Jan 2018

The Linux Foundation created an umbrella platform, the LF Networking Fund, to promote cross-project collaboration among open source networking projects under its wing. Read More

LeakedSource operator could face up to 10 years in jail

By Zach Emmanuel 16 Jan 2018

Canadian man accused of selling stolen identities and passwords on website Read More

Focus: Open source

30 Aug 2017

Open source used to be an alternative to commercial off –the-shelf software. Today, the largest commercial software providers are big supporters of open source technologies. Enterprises are finding their software ... Read More

20 years of the Open Source Initiative (OSI)

By Adrian Bridgwater 04 Jan 2018

It's time for a little open source history. The 'open source' label itself was created at a strategy session held by members of the group that we now call the Open Source Initiative (OSI) on ... Read More

Microservices served on blockchain, in open source

By Adrian Bridgwater 20 Oct 2017

Cloud application marketplace company Wireline is working with open source blockchain project developer Qtum The new union is intended to provide a conduit to consuming microservices at [web] scale ... Read More

Synopsys: Going the distance with open source vulnerabilities

By Adrian Bridgwater 21 Dec 2017

This is a guest post for Computer Weekly Open Source Insider written by Jim Ivers in his capacity as vice president at Synopsys’ Software Integrity Group. Essentially, Synopsys specialises ... Read More

Open source gaining momentum in Singapore

By Aaron Tan 06 Oct 2017

If you live in Singapore and have started using the newly-minted parking.sg app developed by the government to pay for street parking at public car parks, you may have noticed something in fine ... Read More

BOSH tutorial: Understand the basics of open source BOSH

By Stuart Burns 30 Nov 2017

Unfamiliar with BOSH? You're not alone. Take a look at this basic BOSH tutorial to learn more about the open source tool that plays an important role in Pivotal Container Service. Read More

How do source code reviews of security products work?

By Michael Cobb 29 Nov 2017

Tensions between the U.S. and Russia have led to source code reviews on security products, but the process isn't new. Expert Michael Cobb explains what to know about these reviews. Read More