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A standard is a generally agreed-upon technology, method or format for a given application. Official ...Read More

Mastercard calls for global online payments standard

By Karl Flinders 19 Apr 2018

Mastercard and its EMV partners are pushing for online payments standards similar to those for point-of-sale payments Read More

How does the ISO 22316 standard cover resilience?

By Paul Kirvan 17 Apr 2018

Definitions for business continuity and resilience sometimes clash, but both processes help an organization stay on its feet. A new ISO standard tackles the latter. Read More

Driving digitisation: open standards in process automation

By Ed Harrington 10 Apr 2018

Organisations often can’t take advantage of advances in digital technology due to the lack of interoperability in their IT systems in different facilities, but open standards promise a way forward Read More

Vendor briefing on standardizing processes for RPA services

By Linda Tucci 31 Mar 2018

Robotic process automation (RPA) services promise eye-popping returns on investment. Here, a veteran business process improvement expert talks about his experiences in preparing Fortune 100 ... Read More

Transition to value-based care slowed by lack of standardization

By Tayla Holman 07 Mar 2018

At HIMSS 2018, a CIO and CMO gave their perspectives on the current state of value-based care and the barriers that are impeding the transition. Read More

How to get started with IoT when there's so little standardization

By Robert Schmid 07 Mar 2018

While launching an enterprise IoT project in a market of little standardization may seem daunting, Deloitte Consulting's Robert Schmid warns not to wait for a leader to emerge. Read More

Ideal Standard standardises in Emea with Nakivo virtual backup

By Antony Adshead 26 Feb 2018

Bathroom multinational strips out country-based systems to virtualise across Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Nakivo beats Veeam on cost to provide VMware disk-based backup and slashes restore times Read More

UN adopts Tableau as global standard to augment decision support

By Brian McKenna 04 Apr 2018

The United Nations has struck a deal with data visualisation software supplier Tableau to extend its use as an organisation-wide standard Read More

Demands of the edge drive IEEE 802.3bt standard

By David Jacobs 02 Apr 2018

The new IEEE 802.3bt standard focuses on Power over Ethernet to improve efficiency and support the proliferation of edge devices, from lighting systems to point-of-sale. Read More

Security compliance standards as a guide in endpoint plans

By Brien Posey 11 Jan 2018

Consider security compliance regulations for your industry as a starting point and a guide for planning your specific approach to enterprise endpoint protection. Read More