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Ransomware education still needed from the channel

By Simon Quicke 12 Feb 2018

Research from Datto reveals that SMEs across Europe are struggling to fend off cyber attacks Read More

Symantec's untrusted certificates: How many are still in use?

By Rob Wright 08 Feb 2018

A security researcher found that a significant number of popular websites are still using untrusted certificates from Symantec, which will be invalidated this year. Read More

Global Services still problem child for BT

By Alex Scroxton 02 Feb 2018

Challenging market conditions and lost customers at its IT services unit weigh heavily on BT’s results in the third quarter Read More

News briefs: Mobile recruiting interfaces still painful

By Patrick Thibodeau 15 Jan 2018

The pace of HR's mobile app implementation is very slow. Upgrading HR's tech is not the biggest priority in the business. An alternative may be a recruiting site with ATS features. Read More

Education still needed around ISDN switch off

By Simon Quicke 15 Jan 2018

A lot of energy is going into GDPR but once that deadline has passed another big one for the channel and customers to think about is the ISDN switch off Read More

Windows Server hardening still weighs heavily on admins

By Tom Walat 26 Dec 2017

Windows Server hardening procedures drew renewed interest following the rash of ransomware outbreaks this year. See what tips on server safeguards got the most views in 2017. Read More

Security still not getting through to the boardroom

By Simon Quicke 25 Jul 2017

The attitude towards cyber security still differs between the IT department and the rest of the boardroom and that is an issue the channel will need to be aware of and ideally help tackle Read More

AWS security services expand, but still room for improvement

By Trevor Jones 12 Dec 2017

AWS security tools got a boost from GuardDuty and IoT Device Defender, but the vendor still has work to do to provide a full security portfolio to meet enterprise needs. Read More

SAP and customers still in cockpit of debate about indirect licensing

By Brian McKenna 01 Dec 2017

SAP and the UK & Ireland SAP user group have been thrashing out the topic of indirect licensing in 2017. Is there an amicable settlement in sight? Read More

Universal Credit business case still not approved as concerns continue over digital service

By Bryan Glick 08 Feb 2018

MPs reveal internal project reviews that show full business case yet to be approved and ongoing worries over digital system for welfare reform programme Read More