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Acronis Storage 2

By Paul Crocetti 11 Feb 2018

Acronis' data protection and software-defined storage product features CloudRAID and Notary with blockchain, and is used as a back end for Acronis cloud offerings. Read More

Storage in containers: The answer to persistent storage needs?

By Chris Evans 10 Jan 2018

With compute requirements often fragmented, short-lived and bursty, traditional storage architectures can struggle to cope – so is storage in containers the solution? Read More

Storage 101: How to create, share and manage a LUN in SAN storage

By Antony Adshead 12 Mar 2018

Despite pronouncements from some, the days of the logical unit number (LUN) are not over. We look at the LUN in SAN management: How to create, share, provision and manage a LUN Read More

Is demand for data storage or supply driving increased storage?

By Mike Matchett 08 Mar 2018

Figuring out whether we're storing more data than ever because we're producing more data or because constantly evolving storage technology lets us store more of it isn't easy. Read More

Storage briefing: The evolution of software-defined storage

By Chris Evans 13 Dec 2017

The evolution of software-defined storage, from simple software products to those that offer scale-out, hyper-converged, NVMe, public cloud and container functionality Read More

Canonical got Juju eyeballs for storage

By Adrian Bridgwater 19 Feb 2018

Canonical’s is mixing new potions in its Juju charm store. Juju is Canonical's open source modelling tool for cloud software -- it handles operations designed to deploy, configure, manage, maintain ... Read More

When implementing VDI, look to storage enhancements

By Reda Chouffani 16 Feb 2018

Hospitals looking at virtual desktop infrastructure can gain an ally in improved storage capabilities. Flash storage, in particular, has proved useful when implementing VDI. Read More

Reasons to consider an object storage architecture

By John Edwards 07 Feb 2018

Object storage allows organizations to deal with the massive amounts of data generated by IoT and AI applications, but it's not the best fit for frequently accessed data. Read More

Hybrid storage arrays offer the best of all storage worlds

By Logan G. Harbaugh 30 Oct 2017

Hybrid flash arrays provide performance benefits over all-flash and all-hard disk storage systems and can address the varying workload demands of today's organizations. Read More

Expand KVM storage with virsh commands

By Sander van Vugt 26 Jan 2018

With a few steps -- the creation of files, the addition of XML code and the execution of commands -- you can use the virsh command-line interface to add storage to existing VMs. Read More