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Definitionstorage utilization

Storage utilization is a measure of how well the available data storage space in an enterprise is used.Read More

Predictive analytics for storage: Benefits and product options

By Robert Sheldon 12 Apr 2019

The advantages of using predictive analytics in storage include less downtime and better resource utilization. It's no wonder more storage vendors are making it an option. Read More

VMware vSAN and HCI offer secure shared storage for VMs

By Robert Sheldon 27 Mar 2019

Coupling vSAN's all-flash storage features and vSphere availability support with HCI can lead to better resource utilization and workload performance. Read More

Kubernetes 1.13 stabilizes storage, but Windows GA delayed

By Beth Pariseau 13 Dec 2018

IT pros with Kubernetes in production welcomed stable releases of cluster install and container storage utilities in version 1.13, but they'll have to wait for some key features. Read More

Kaminario expands its storage-as-a-service offerings

By Tanner Harding 12 Jun 2019

To expand its capabilities as a storage-as-a-service platform, Kaminario has added metered usage payments, disaster recovery and the ability to use services on the public cloud. Read More

Utility watchdog deploys all-flash SolidFire storage array

By Dave Raffo 30 Sep 2015

California Public Utilities Commission was stuck at about 80% server virtualization before adding all-flash SolidFire storage to remove latency problems. Read More

4 essential KPIs for edge computing management

By Stephen J. Bigelow 07 Jun 2019

If you want to track edge deployment activity, look at storage, network and processing resources to guide workload configuration and maintenance needs. Read More

StorOne attacks bottlenecks with new TRU storage software

By Carol Sliwa 22 Nov 2017

After six years of development, an Israeli startup launches new Total Resource Utilization storage software that aims to eliminate bottlenecks and improve storage efficiency. Read More

Siemens’ Datrium NVMe flash speeds customer software deployment

By Antony Adshead 13 Feb 2018

Siemens utility metering group deploys Datrium DVX in place of cumbersome LUN-based block storage and cuts customer software roll-outs to a few minutes and data restores to seconds Read More

5 tips to right-size your cloud instances and VMs

By Sara Grier 17 Jun 2019

Improperly sized cloud instances and VMs can wreak havoc on your budget and decrease performance. Delve deeper into right-sizing with these five best practices. Read More

Use a tiered storage model to achieve capacity utilization efficiency

By Jon Toigo 18 Mar 2013

In this tip, Jon Toigo discusses the challenges associated with implementing a tiered storage model and how it can help manage storage capacity demand. Read More