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IBM's cloud strategy homes in on developers

By George Lawton 06 Mar 2018

To boost its profile in IaaS, IBM's cloud strategy has shifted focus from CIOs to developers. Whether the multipronged appeal to developers will pan out remains an open question. Read More

Why device upgrade strategies fail

By Eamon McCarthy Earls 22 Nov 2017

The industry is built on 30-year-old code, writes one analyst, and that is one reason why device upgrade strategies often fall short. Read More

What exactly is a digital business transformation strategy?

By Robin Gareiss 19 Mar 2018

What do you need for a digital business transformation strategy that will actually work to boost business value and change the enterprise operations model? Read More

Why is a cloud backup strategy necessary?

By John Edwards 16 Jan 2018

When backing up to the cloud, it's important to take precautions against data loss. See how approaches like redundancy can bolster your backup strategy. Read More

Inside sales strategy, millennials highlight Accelerate 2018

By Jesse Scardina 16 Mar 2018

Learn what happens when a SearchCRM editor joins a panel as the paid skeptic to discuss whether AI technologies provide real value for helping businesses increase revenue. Read More

Users share team collaboration software strategies

By Luke O'Neill 14 Mar 2018

On trend, many companies are pursuing a team collaboration software strategy to consolidate messaging on one platform to streamline IT and end user communications. Read More

Team collaboration tools see different adoption strategies

By Luke O'Neill 13 Mar 2018

Team collaboration tools like Slack and Microsoft Teams can be deployed in different ways. The options include focus on end user choices or greater IT and executive control. Read More

Cloud migration: Choosing the right strategy & tools

12 Mar 2018

When it comes to cloud migration, it’s impossible to have a stand-alone cloud strategy. In this e-guide, learn how to sell the value of cloud to the C-suite, roll DevOps tools into your migration plan, and avoid ... Read More

Data and analytics strategy: Lessons learned from spy agencies

By Brian Holak 09 Mar 2018

Analyst Jim Hare of Gartner offers five ways to turn your company's data and analytics strategy into a competitive advantage by studying what our spy agencies do. Read More

Tech Data boss confident in future strategy

By Simon Quicke 09 Mar 2018

Sharing his view of the future with analysts after its Q4 results were issued the distributor's CEO believes the firm is in the right place to sell digital technology and services Read More