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Organised thinking builds app success

By Jeffrey S Hammond 05 Feb 2018

We look at how large enterprises can create an efficient organisational structure for mobile app development Read More

Four tips for successful digital transformation

04 Jan 2018

Nicola Downing, CFO, Ricoh Europe, has some advice for those looking to help customers carry out a successful digital transformation project Read More

Follow the recipe for successfully deploying VDI

By Alastair Cooke 18 Dec 2017

When creating the recipe for a successful VDI deployment, IT needs to include automated build processes, hypervisor clusters, golden VMs and more. Read More

Seven steps to a successful data lake implementation

By David Loshin 15 Feb 2018

Flooding a Hadoop cluster with data that isn't organized and managed properly can stymie analytics efforts. Take these steps to help make your data lake accessible and usable. Read More

Choose a loosely coupled architecture for DevOps success

By George Lawton 23 Jan 2018

To successfully pivot your organization toward DevOps and cloud, carefully evaluate and fine-tune your architecture first, and then think about tool sets. Read More

Sample datasets key to successful AI at NHS

By Cliff Saran 11 Jan 2018

IT providers will need access to datasets from NHS Digital to create artificial intelligence algorithms, but they should be held accountable for the systems they develop, says report Read More

What can employees do with the SuccessFactors mobile app?

By Luke Marson 08 Jan 2018

Self-service SuccessFactors features for employees and managers are numerous, and learning tools, including online course downloading, will run on some Android and iOS devices. Read More

Customer success managers: Guides to client happiness

By Jason Sparapani 12 Dec 2017

Customer success managers help clients define success -- then they help them get there, according to a software vendor employee who has the title. Read More

On-premises to Azure AD synchronization tips for success

By Nirmal Sharma 30 Nov 2017

There are benefits to synchronizing on-premises AD users to Azure AD, but to do so effectively, you need to fully understand the process and the restrictions associated with it. Read More

Journey to the center of a successful VDI project plan

By Kelly M. Stewart 29 Nov 2017

Not all VDI projects turn out to be winners. Stay on the good side of a VDI deployment by creating a strong plan and using a pilot for testing, with a focus on user experience. Read More