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Steffan Surdek

Pyxis Technologies

Steffan Surdek is an Agile Coach in Montreal and is one of the co-authors of the book A Practical Guide to Distributed Scrum. Steffan coaches software development teams to help them adopt Agile practices and speaks at various conferences and user groups about using Agile practices with distributed teams.Read More

ALM communication methods in a distributed world

By Steffan Surdek 27 Dec 2011

In this tip, author and consultant Steffan Surdek will tell you the about the best communication tools for distributed development teams. Read More

The benefits of test-driven development

By Yvette Francino 06 Dec 2010

I've heard from many agile experts, including Elizabeth Woodward and Steffan Surdek, two of the authors of A Practical Guide to Distributed Scrum, about the importance of test-driven development ... Read More

Estimates in Agile development: Capacity matters in sprint planning

By Steffan Surdek 30 Jun 2011

When doing sprint planning, how do your team members know they have enough work assigned to them in the sprint? Figuring out the hours you have available before you start planning is the best way to start. Author ... Read More

Agile practices: Continuous integration, automation, and TDD

By Yvette Francino 23 Sep 2010

As I was researching material needed to write, Distributed agile: Fostering development collaboration without collocation, I had the privilege of interviewing two of the authors of the IBM Press ... Read More

Automation vs. manual testing in Agile: Which is recommended?

By Yvette Francino 28 Mar 2011

We have read and heard about the value of automated testing in Agile environments. We also hear a lot about the importance of exploratory testing, a technique that is purely manual, in Agile ... Read More

How to use Scrum effectively: Book review and conversation with Elizabeth Woodward

By Yvette Francino 17 Aug 2010

Learn about Scrum methodologies and how best to collaborate and communicate for all development sizes in this book review and discussion with author and IBM employee Elizabeth Woodward. Read More