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DefinitionSystem Restore

System Restore is a utility to protect and revert the Windows client operating system to a previous ...Read More

CIO Trends #10: Benelux

16 Jan 2020

If CIOs ever needed a reminder of the predatory cyber criminals that circle their organisations, Travelex’s woes is a big one. The company is now beginning to restore its systems, but recovering from the damage ... Read More

SF Municipal Railway restores systems after ransomware attack

By Michael Heller 29 Nov 2016

The San Francisco Municipal Transportation Authority restored systems without paying following a ransomware attack that allowed free rides for travelers over the weekend. Read More

Great Admin Tool: System Restore Explorer

By Ed Tittel 07 Nov 2014

Anybody who’s been reading this blog for a while knows that I collect – and blog about – useful Windows tools on a pretty regular basis. Here’s another one for consideration for your Windows ... Read More

How to use SnapCenter for VMware backups

By Dan Franciscus 27 Dec 2019

NetApp storage appliances and VMware's vSphere platform provide widely used data center resources. Combine their capabilities by using NetApp's SnapCenter to back up vSphere. Read More

Tintri replication speeds agriculture firm's backup, restore

By Paul Crocetti 22 Mar 2018

Tintri hybrid flash enables Life-Science Innovations to complete replication every night for all of its servers. The system can provide a server restoration in seconds. Read More

Recent Windows 10 Updates Kill Built-in Restore Facility

By Ed Tittel 27 May 2019

If you get caught in a recent WU snafu, certain recent Windows 10 Updates kill built-in restore facility that makes use of restore points. MS offers a workaround, but it's classified as a "known ... Read More

Experts expect hospital ransomware attacks to continue

By Michael Heller 08 Oct 2019

One week after being hit by a ransomware attack, hospitals in Alabama are turning away patients while working on recovery, and experts warn of similar attacks in the future. Read More

Bitfinex restored after DDoS attack

By Warwick Ashford 13 Dec 2017

Bitcoin exchange Bitfinex says its systems have been restored after the company was hit by a second denial of service attack in just over a week Read More

Restoring Windows 7 files to a system running Windows 8

By Brien Posey 24 Mar 2014

Independent backup expert Brien Posey discusses restoring Windows 7 files backed up with Windows Backup to a system running Windows 8. Read More

How to troubleshoot the blue screen of death for Windows 10

By Gary Olsen 02 Jul 2019

The blue screen of death is never a pretty sight. Learn how to troubleshoot and fix this dreaded issue in Windows 10, using a variety of different methods and tools. Read More