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Taking complexity out of cyber security

By Aaron Tan 22 Jan 2018

The key to improving the cyber security posture of organisations is to keep complexity at bay, according to a senior Microsoft executive Read More

PV buy takes Accedian network monitoring to the enterprise

By Antone Gonsalves 22 Feb 2018

Carrier supplier Accedian heads to the enterprise market with the acquisition of French company Performance Vision. Accedian network monitoring tools complement PV's NPM software. Read More

UK organisations failing to take action against fraud

By Warwick Ashford 21 Feb 2018

UK organisations are facing increasingly complex and costly incidents of fraud partly due to increasing cyber fraud, yet few are making use of the anti-fraud technologies available, a survey has revealed Read More

Which data protection trends will take off next?

By Brien Posey 21 Feb 2018

Expect data protection technologies to veer toward an expansion of recovery capabilities, as organizations need to be able to recover in multiple locations -- and fast. Read More

Taking charge of VM allocation, troubleshooting methods

16 Feb 2018

Long-term virtual infrastructure health leads to business growth. To achieve this, you must master virtual machine capacity planning and troubleshooting techniques. Read More

Take the pain out of software developer hiring

By Valerie Silverthorne 04 Dec 2017

Hiring software developers is hard enough, but finding the right ones for the job is even harder. Here's what you need to consider to future-proof your development team. Read More

Watts takes the reins in the UK at Tech Data

By Simon Quicke 05 Feb 2018

In a move that will add more muscle to the UK management team long time staffer David Watts has formally been given the country management role Read More

Windows 10 hardware requirements take security head on

01 Feb 2018

IT pros should follow Microsoft's guidelines for optimal Windows 10 security, but they should also take a look at what those guidelines signal moving forward. Read More

Digital epidemiology takes on the flu with help from you

By Nicole Laskowski 30 Jan 2018

John Brownstein, chief innovation officer at Boston Children's Hospital and a professor of biomedical informatics at Harvard Medical School, is a notable digital epidemiology researcher. It's a ... Read More

Cloudflare Access takes on VPNs with reverse proxy approach

By Rob Wright 17 Jan 2018

Cloudflare takes inspiration from Google's BeyondCorp with a new service called Cloudflare Access, which aims to replace corporate VPNs and embrace perimeter-less security. Read More