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In general, testing is finding out how well something works.Read More

Lower the risk of change in continuous testing

By Matt Heusser 16 Feb 2018

Expert Matt Heusser explains how to improve mobile and web application continuous testing in seven steps. Learn how to identify goals and avoid failures with continuous flow. Read More

Backup testing: What to test, when to test, how often to test

By Chris Evans 27 Apr 2017

We run the rule over what’s involved in backup testing in virtual and physical server environments, how often you should test and the key pitfalls to avoid Read More

The infinite struggle of testing IoT

By Tom van de Ven 12 Jan 2018

Testing IoT isn't the easiest process. Sogeti's Tom van de Ven offers tips on how to approach it and create your IoT test strategy. Read More

What does it mean to test APIs?

By Gerie Owen 04 Jan 2018

Expert Gerie Owen explains what it means to test APIs and why it is important to ensure that applications are working at peak performance level. Read More

Briton jailed for two years for product testing for hackers

By Warwick Ashford 15 Feb 2018

A Briton has been jailed for two years for running a product-testing service for hackers Read More

Five steps to effective usability testing for mobile apps

By Robert Sheldon 14 Feb 2018

To avoid costly mistakes down the road, conduct usability testing and get a grasp on users' reactions to an app before rolling it out. These tips can help perfect the process. Read More

Prevent attacks with these security testing techniques

By (ISC) 2 12 Dec 2017

Software bugs are more than a nuisance. Errors can expose vulnerabilities. Here’s the good news: These security testing tools and techniques can help you avoid them. Read More

Is a software test schedule at the development team's mercy?

By Gerie Owen 12 Feb 2018

Does the development team determine the software test schedule? Find out why working with DevOps can alleviate some time and test constraints. Read More

Strategies to master the software testing process

11 Dec 2017

This portion of the Software Development Training Center delves into the first steps necessary when making considerable transitions in a software testing process. Read More

Four critical continuous testing components to implement

By Justin Rohrman 09 Feb 2018

Rapid continuous delivery is unlikely to go off without a hitch, unless the team relies on continuous testing. Expert Justin Rohrman explains how to get it underway. Read More