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Train leasing firm demos mobile edge computing for smart trains

By Alex Scroxton 21 Mar 2018

Rolling stock leasing company Angel Trains is demonstrating edge computing over a wireless mesh network to make life easier for its customers’ on-board staff Read More

Dutch railway operator to experiment with self-driving trains

16 Apr 2018

Dutch railways are on a journey towards fully automated trains, with early tests under way Read More

Bringing military discipline to UK Technical Education and Training

By Philip Virgo 08 Apr 2018

On April 6th at the launch of the Apprenticeships Anthology Sir Gerry Berragan, the Chief Executive of the Institute for Apprenticeships outlined progress over the past year and updated his 10 ... Read More

CompTIA acquisitions add training muscle

By Simon Quicke 03 Apr 2018

The training specialist has made a couple of acquisitions that should give it much more depth in its ability to provide training to IT professionals Read More

Software security training: Perspectives on best practices

By Steve Lipner 13 Mar 2018

Software development training with an emphasis on secure coding can improve enterprise security postures. Steve Lipner of SafeCode discusses different ways to get the job done. Read More

Tech vs. training: Where should business focus cybersecurity spending?

By Mekhala Roy 22 Feb 2018

As information security budgets grow, cybersecurity spending needs to be focused on employee-centric areas like training to be effective. ISSA's Candy Alexander explains why. Read More

RSA 2018: Juniper CEO stresses training, automation in cybersecurity

By Mekhala Roy 20 Apr 2018

During his RSA Conference keynote, Juniper CEO Rami Rahim encouraged leaders to be "agents of change" that embrace automation in cybersecurity and new training techniques. Read More

Cybersecurity professionals: Lack of training leaves skills behind

By Mekhala Roy 31 Jan 2018

Cybersecurity professionals' increased workloads leave little time for training, leaving their skill sets -- and their companies' data security -- vulnerable to outside threats. Read More

Deep neural networks, speed limit signs and training on the fly

By Nicole Laskowski 31 Mar 2018

Because of data and compute power requirements, training a deep learning algorithm doesn't typically happen on so-called edge devices such as smartphones or drones. But Neurala Inc., a deep ... Read More

Data literacy training: CIOs just got a new job, yippee!

By Linda Tucci 30 Mar 2018

Data literacy is fast becoming a requirement in the modern digital enterprise, but many so-called knowledge workers lack the ability to read data. Should CIOs take on the job of data literacy training? Read More