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The evolution of unified communications technologies

By Jon Arnold 14 Feb 2018

Over the years, unified communications tools have evolved to incorporate different modes of collaboration. Enterprises need to be receptive to this ongoing innovation. Read More

Forecasting the future of the unified communications industry

By Katherine Finnell 28 Dec 2017

New trends are reshaping the unified communications industry as organizations embrace the cloud and employees push new methods of collaboration. These trends are influencing the direction of UC ... Read More

How to deal with the complexities of unified workspaces

By Jo Harder 12 Oct 2017

Users work with a host of different devices these days, and IT must manage them all. Unified workspaces can help, but they can introduce some complexity as well. Read More

Mobile security trends point to unifying policy and tools

By Brenda L. Horrigan 08 Feb 2018

Securing mobile devices in the enterprise to effectively deflect potential breaches now means enterprise mobile management must evolve into unified endpoint management. Read More

Mobile security issues require a unified approach

By Kevin Beaver 08 Feb 2018

Security gaps in mobile devices can be many and varied, but they must be addressed immediately. Unified endpoint management is the next-gen way to close the gaps. Read More

Counter mobile device security threats with unified tools

By Kevin Beaver 08 Feb 2018

Attacks on enterprise mobile endpoints are more lethal than ever. To help infosec pros fight back, enterprise mobile management has unified to fortify defenses. Read More

Snowflake aims to unify cloud data toolsets

By Adrian Bridgwater 05 Feb 2018

Why did Snowflake Computing call itself Snowflake Computing? Was it because its founders are snowflake generation kids who are incapable of taking a few hard knocks here and there? Um, ah no, it’s ... Read More

Unified communications vendors continue consolidation carousel

By Katherine Finnell 05 Jan 2018

Several unified communications vendors rang in the new year with mergers and acquisitions, as Star2Star merges with Blueface and Polycom picks up Obihai Technology. Read More

Should your unified communications strategy include UCaaS?

By Irwin Lazar 04 Jan 2018

Unified communications-as-a-service offerings are getting better, but it's a complex market that requires understanding your company's true needs. Read More

Jargon Buster Guide to Unified Communications

27 Oct 2017

In this e-guide we will explore and define some of the key elements of a UC deployment and offer some insight into some of the emerging trends that are changing the way we communicate in our working lives. Read More