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Focus: Datacentre Uptime

13 Sep 2017

In this e-guide, we take a closer look at some high-profile datacentre outages of recent times and assess the toll they took on the companies involved, and look into what providers and consumers can do to protect ... Read More

AWS SLAs guarantee uptime, but users aren't off the hook

By Alan R. Earls 28 Dec 2017

Despite the availability guarantees in AWS' service-level agreements, enterprises need to read the fine print and put in some work themselves to protect against losses. Read More

Use Azure availability sets for patching to achieve the best uptime

By Stuart Burns 12 Oct 2017

Ops' responsibility doesn't end once in a public cloud; in fact, it can get more confounding. Learn the best route to update Azure cloud instances and what mistakes to avoid. Read More

Use service relationship management to maximize IIoT investment and uptime

By Dick Hyatt 18 Sep 2017

Instituting service relationship management in IIoT systems can reduce downtime and repair costs while improving productivity and efficiency. Read More

Uptime Institute tier classification system faces new rivals

By Robert McFarlane 16 Aug 2017

Because the Uptime Institute focuses primarily on power and cooling, alternative data center certifications have emerged. Their chances of replacing Uptime, however, seem slim. Read More

Uptime Institute research: 65% of enterprise applications still run in private datacentres

By Caroline Donnelly 02 May 2017

According to the Uptime Institute’s seventh annual industry survey, enterprise-owned datacentres and colocation facilities remain primary compute venue for many organisations Read More

IT professionals consider network uptime

By Eamon McCarthy Earls 01 Jun 2016

This week, bloggers weigh network uptime, workloads in the public cloud and Dell OS10. Read More

Craft a business continuity plan to maximize AWS uptime

By Ofir Nachmani 26 Sep 2016

Strong business continuity plans start with an evaluation of needs. Native and third-party disaster recovery tools fit into a BC plan to protect cloud data and workloads. Read More

VMware vCenter Server 6.5 improves uptime for High Availability

By Paul Korzeniowski 08 Dec 2016

Downtime can be costly and dangerous for businesses. The latest version of VMware High Availability, included in Sphere 6.5, seeks to reduce downtime, but still needs a little work. Read More

Server uptime and hardware failure guide

18 Dec 2015

Follow this guide to build server uptime into your data center, from facility redundancy to high availability virtualization to designed-to-fail architecture. Read More