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Blockchain technology use in networking? Not so fast

By Chuck Moozakis 19 Apr 2018

Blockchain technology use has little value in networking, according to one IT analyst. Analysts also examine IoT security and what might happen to AI if disasters occur. Read More

Business increases use of encryption in the cloud

By Warwick Ashford 06 Apr 2018

The use of encryption has seen double-digit growth in the past year due to a number of security-related drivers, a study has revealed Read More

What VPN alternatives should enterprises consider using?

By Judith Myerson 30 Mar 2018

VPN vulnerabilities in products from popular vendors were recently found to enable serious threats. Discover how detrimental these threats are and alternatives to the use of VPNs. Read More

Artificial intelligence in business strategies, uses

By Bridget Botelho 27 Mar 2018

SearchEnterpriseAI delivers news, tips and strategic advice on applying artificial intelligence technologies in the enterprise to improve products, services and operations. Read More

How to use REST APIs in Python

By Gábor Nyers 17 Jan 2018

Using REST APIs with Python can offer storage administrators increased flexibility in their management tasks, but they need some knowledge of how to code. Read More

What are some useful multifactor authentication examples?

By Brien Posey 20 Feb 2018

Health IT expert Brien Posey offers some examples of multifactor authentication as a way for hospitals to further safeguard access to protected health information. Read More

Enterprise machine learning and AI: Use cases and challenges

By Ben Cole 18 Apr 2018

In this handbook, learn how AI and machine learning advancements are disrupting digitized business and what CIOs can do to take advantage of the AI revolution. Read More

Value of NLP applications varies for different AI uses

By Ed Burns 18 Apr 2018

Chatbots and virtual assistants are built on sophisticated component pieces, like NLP tools and automated bot technology, which can be implemented on their own in some use cases. Read More

Santander uses Ripple technology to offer international payments

By Karl Flinders 16 Apr 2018

Santander has launched an international fund transfer service for retail customers in the UK about two years after it started testing the blockchain-based application Read More

Use Ansible in vSphere to automate management tasks

By Larry E. Smith, Jr. 13 Apr 2018

Ansible is a powerful tool to simplify and automate management duties in VMware vSphere environments. Ansible eases VM provisioning, as well as some vMotion tasks. Read More