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How to use REST APIs in Python

By Gábor Nyers 17 Jan 2018

Using REST APIs with Python can offer storage administrators increased flexibility in their management tasks, but they need some knowledge of how to code. Read More

What are some useful multifactor authentication examples?

By Brien Posey 20 Feb 2018

Health IT expert Brien Posey offers some examples of multifactor authentication as a way for hospitals to further safeguard access to protected health information. Read More

When to use TLC NAND flash memory

By Brien Posey 31 Jan 2018

TLC NAND flash storage devices wear out quickly, and they're not as fast as MLC or SLC. But TLC devices are a good choice for tier 2 storage and read-heavy applications. Read More

How to pick out the right VDI use cases

By Tom Howarth 16 Jan 2018

VDI can help organizations, but only if IT applies it to the right use cases. Identifying those virtual desktop use cases starts with understanding the user type and location. Read More

Ambitious SMEs are open to using finance

By Simon Quicke 15 Mar 2018

Some of the SMEs looking for growth this year are using finance to speed up that process Read More

Is paying for a bus using cryptocurrency really that shocking?

By Karl Flinders 14 Mar 2018

Is it that shocking that people will be paying for buses using cryptocurrency within seven years? Read More

Use LinuxKit to increase container portability

By Chris Tozzi 12 Mar 2018

With LinuxKit, Docker continues its push for better container portability. Learn how the tool can help your apps run across various platforms, as well as its potential limitations. Read More

Use an IT incident management system to enable automation

By Adam Fowler 05 Mar 2018

IT admins and gurus can't tackle every issue every hour of the day -- let alone predict them first. A dynamic combination of monitoring and incident management makes for better admins. Read More

Why use new lifecycle tools in API management platforms?

By Jan Stafford 02 Mar 2018

Explore how full-lifecycle API management platforms can bring discipline and maturity to enterprise API strategies and end snags in API workflows, versioning, retirement and QA. Read More

How are tech support scams using phishing emails?

By Nick Lewis 21 Feb 2018

Threat actors are using phishing email campaigns to fool users with tech support scams and fake Blue Screens of Death. Learn how these campaigns work with expert Nick Lewis. Read More