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In computing, virtual is a digitally replicated version of something real. The replication, which is ...Read More

Why deploy desktop and application virtualization?

By Robert Sheldon 13 Feb 2018

Virtualizing desktops and apps can enable tighter security and a more agile environment and can simplify maintenance and enhance productivity, particularly for remote workers. Read More

What's new with desktop virtualization management?

By Eddie Lockhart 06 Feb 2018

When it comes to VDI management, security and user experience are paramount. IT can use a host of tools, including monitoring, to keep an eye on both areas. Read More

How to choose the best hardware for virtualization

24 Jan 2018

Selecting the best hardware for virtualization is the foundation of maintaining or designing a robust, reliable and scalable data center. Read More

Storage for containers and virtual environments

20 Nov 2017

In this e-guide we give you a complete run-through of the main choices in data storage for containers, look at the essentials of virtual servers storage, plus all you need to know about storage performance in ... Read More

The virtualization admin role redefined

By Brien Posey 15 Nov 2017

As more organizations move to hybrid cloud, multi-hypervisor and multi-cloud environments, virtualization administrator responsibilities evolve to accommodate those changes. Read More

Compare top desktop and application virtualization products

By Robert Sheldon 14 Mar 2018

Each company has different desktop and app virtualization needs. Buyers must compare what vendors offer for mobility and data governance to make the right purchase. Read More

Get cloud computing certified, but don't abandon virtualization

By Brian Kirsch 01 Mar 2018

Cloud certification training can help an IT administrator's career, but it's only practical if it aligns with your company and you don't forgo virtualization upkeep. Read More

Zerto Virtual Replication reduces marketing firm's RPO

By Sonia Lelii 28 Feb 2018

Maritz needed a short RPO and flexible cloud provider options for its recovery process. Zerto replication protects applications to and from clouds and between multiple clouds. Read More

Achieve virtualization abstraction with Infrastructure as Code

By Walker Rowe 26 Dec 2017

Infrastructure as Code offers virtualization admins a framework of automation tools, configuration management and DevOps methods that can replace manual processes. Read More

Ideal Standard standardises in Emea with Nakivo virtual backup

By Antony Adshead 26 Feb 2018

Bathroom multinational strips out country-based systems to virtualise across Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Nakivo beats Veeam on cost to provide VMware disk-based backup and slashes restore times Read More