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Lauri Love: how reformed hackers halted the WannaCry virus

By Bill Goodwin 28 Nov 2017

Lauri Love presents a compelling story of the WannaCry malware that nearly brought down the NHS, and the behind the scenes work of former hackers, and security researchers that helped to prevent lives being lost. ... Read More

Arm yourself for battle against an email virus outbreak

By Steve Bryant 23 May 2017

Did malware slip through the Exchange Server perimeter? Don't panic. Use these PowerShell commands to respond quickly and minimize the damage. Read More

How technology could stop the spread of the Zika virus

By Kristen Lee 18 Feb 2016

While some believe that technology may not be that helpful in tracking the Zika virus, others argue that the technological means to slow or even stop the spread of the Zika virus already exists. ... Read More

Botnets, ransomware and IoT viruses: Do they make you WannaCry?

By Josh Garrett 31 May 2017

WannaCry is the latest security worry for IoT device managers. See how this industry's history of viruses and botnets means we shouldn't be surprised. Read More

Chief innovation officer on Zika virus tracking technologies

By Kristen Lee 24 Feb 2016

John Brownstein, chief innovation officer at Boston Children's, is no stranger to using technology to track diseases. He shares his insights on Zika virus tracking technologies. Read More

Technology may not be helpful with tracking Zika virus

By Kristen Lee 04 Feb 2016

The World Health Organization (WHO) has officially declared the Zika virus a global health emergency and now hospitals are on alert and prepping for any incoming cases, and the public is being ... Read More

Macro viruses reemerge in Word, Excel files

By Michael Heller 24 Feb 2015

Macro viruses haven't been popular since the early 2000s, but recent malware discoveries indicate that macro-infected Word and Excel files are on the rise. Read More

US court orders Gozi money-stealing virus co-creator to pay $6.9m

By Warwick Ashford 03 May 2016

Nikita Kuzmin spared further jail time after co-operating with investigators for the past three years Read More

Fred Cohen on strategic security: 'Start with the assumptions'

By Marcus J. Ranum 01 Feb 2018

Cohen is a globally recognized expert in information protection and cybersecurity. Since coining the term 'computer virus,' he has remained a pioneer in information assurance. Read More

Barclays Bank stops offering Kaspersky software to new users

By Karl Flinders 04 Dec 2017

Bank is no longer offering customers Kaspersky anti-virus software after UK security agency issues warning Read More