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What VPN alternatives should enterprises consider using?

By Judith Myerson 30 Mar 2018

VPN vulnerabilities in products from popular vendors were recently found to enable serious threats. Discover how detrimental these threats are and alternatives to the use of VPNs. Read More

Meta Networks NaaS offers SD-WAN, VPN, cloud connectivity

By Antone Gonsalves 05 Apr 2018

Startup Meta Networks has debuted its network as a service. The company's first offering delivers SD-WAN, security, VPNs and multi-cloud connectivity in an internet-based WAN. Read More

Google Cloud Dedicated Interconnect offers VPN alternative

By Kurt Marko 17 Jan 2018

Google's Dedicated Interconnect enables an enterprise to privately connect its data center to the public cloud. Here's a breakdown of key features and the requirements to use it. Read More

How has VPN evolution changed remote access?

By Julian Weinberger 09 May 2017

VPN evolution has seen a shift in connectivity -- from point-to-point to sophisticated, multipoint connectivity systems. Read More

Understand the pros, cons of an AWS cloud VPN service

By Ofir Nachmani 28 Apr 2017

Our team will move workloads into AWS, but we need control and security over them. What VPN features does Amazon Lightsail provide, and is it better suited for certain workloads? Read More

Aussie developer Wangle makes foray into VPN market

26 Apr 2017

Wangle’s proprietary virtual private network application optimises encrypted traffic and complies with Australia’s new mandatory data retention law Read More

Android VPN apps: How to address privacy and security issues

By Kevin Beaver 28 Mar 2017

New research on Android VPN apps revealed the extent of their privacy and security flaws. Expert Kevin Beaver explains how IT professionals can mitigate the risks. Read More

Android VPN apps fail privacy tests

By David McClelland 22 Feb 2017

Report finds Android VPN apps on the official Google Play store fail to deliver basic privacy and security, with some injecting malware and malvertising Read More

OpenVPN Access Server is an SSL VPN based on open source software

By Karen Scarfone 15 Mar 2017

Expert Karen Scarfone takes a look at the OpenVPN Access Server SSL VPN for securing network traffic by providing encrypted tunnels to the enterprise. Read More

How do PKI problems complicate VPN management?

By Julian Weinberger 22 Nov 2016

Securing and managing VPNs can be a challenge, and public key infrastructure can help, but PKI problems are often lurking. Read More