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Drupal vs. Acquia: What's best for which organizations?

By Geoffrey Bock 06 Mar 2018

Which fork in the road should an organization take: open source Drupal, or Drupal with Acquia's service package and strong security and standardization? It's not always obvious. Read More

Who's talking? Conversational agent vs. chatbot vs. virtual assistant

By Brian Holak 15 Feb 2018

Think a conversational agent, chatbot and virtual assistant are the same? Think again. IBM Watson VP and CTO Rob High explains the distinction between the terms. Read More

Backup 101: Incremental vs differential backup

By Antony Adshead 18 Apr 2018

In this Backup 101 article, we look at incremental versus differential backup and walk through the advantages and disadvantages of these two key backup strategies Read More

Docker vs. Mesosphere battleground shifts focus to Kubernetes

By Beth Pariseau 17 Apr 2018

Kubernetes integrations in Docker and Mesosphere are generally available, vying for enterprise attention with a focus on ease of use. Read More

Take the converged vs. hyper-converged infrastructure quiz

By Rodney Brown 13 Apr 2018

Before you start the decision-making process over which IT approach you should take, quiz yourself on your hyper-converged and converged platform knowledge. Read More

What are the benefits of SD-WAN services vs. MPLS?

By Carrie Higbie Goetz 05 Apr 2018

When weighing SD-WAN vs. MPLS for unified communications architecture, SD-WAN prevails. Networking expert Carrie Higbie Goetz explains the benefits of SD-WAN services over MPLS. Read More

Myth-busting: Cloud vs. edge in IIoT

By Jason Andersen 29 Mar 2018

The cloud is absolutely a necessary piece of IIoT deployments, says Stratus' Jason Andersen, but that doesn't mean you should abandon edge computing systems. Read More

Better cloud management: the Ops team vs. machines

By Caroline Donnelly 28 Mar 2018

In this guest post, Steve Lowe, CTO of student accommodation finder Student.com, weighs up the risks and benefits of relying on machines to carry out Ops jobs within cloud infrastructures. The “if ... Read More

Know when to implement serverless vs. containers

By Tom Nolle 27 Dec 2017

Containers save resources and reduce deploy times. So does serverless. Containers are a great host for microservices. So is serverless. But the deployment options are more different than they are alike. Read More

Compare cloud vs. local archive benefits and drawbacks

By Brien Posey 01 Mar 2018

Local archives allow companies to use hardware they already own and save on cloud subscriptions, but cloud archives remove hardware maintenance tasks and costs. Read More