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A vulnerability, in information technology (IT), is a flaw in code or design that creates a potential ...Read More

How to mitigate SSD vulnerabilities

By Robert Sheldon 13 Mar 2018

SSDs could pose a security risk for organizations that aren't careful when they decommission drives. Learn what you need to know about keeping data stored on SSDs safe. Read More

How the Meltdown vulnerability affects cloud services

By Dave Shackleford 28 Feb 2018

The Meltdown vulnerability has far-reaching implications, including with cloud providers. Expert Dave Shackleford looks at the Meltdown CPU flaw and what it means for the cloud. Read More

Grammarly vulnerability exposed user documents

By Madelyn Bacon 07 Feb 2018

A Grammarly vulnerability in its browser extension authentication could have exposed users' sensitive documents if the popular spelling and grammar checker were left unpatched. Read More

Spectre of IT vulnerability looms large

By Cliff Saran 15 Jan 2018

In some ways the Meltdown and Spectre flaws represent a risk that goes to the very heart of computing. This microprocessor flaw has resulted in major network, server, PC and mobile hardware firms ... Read More

Addressing vulnerable web systems that are often overlooked

By Kevin Beaver 16 Mar 2018

Web security vulnerability scanners often focus on large applications within the enterprise. However, there are plenty of overlooked web systems that contain hidden flaws. Read More

More Details on KB4056892 Wintel Vulnerabilities

By Ed Tittel 10 Jan 2018

More details on KB4056892 Wintel vulnerabilities tell us their names, and reveal that vendor hardware support is needed to fix one of this pair of critical items. Read More

Zero in on your zero-day vulnerabilities

By Graeme Park 04 Jan 2018

A zero-day attack comes, by definition, out of the blue. You cannot predict its nature or assess how much damage it might cause, but you can take some basic steps to protect yourself from a potentially crippling ... Read More

Application security vulnerabilities are often known exploits

By Cameron McKenzie 08 Mar 2018

How hard is it to secure an enterprise application? It's not hard, especially given the fact that most application security vulnerabilities are known threats with simple solutions. Read More

The vulnerability management process after Equifax

By James Ringold 01 Nov 2017

Cataclysmic security incidents highlight the importance of a vulnerability management program versus a patch management system. Here's how to implement a risk-based approach. Read More

What the Azure AD Connect vulnerability can teach enterprises

By Rob Shapland 07 Mar 2018

Enterprises should learn from a Microsoft Azure AD Connect vulnerability that cloud security requires a hands-on approach. Expert Rob Shapland takes a closer look at the flaw. Read More