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How to configure browsers to avoid web cache poisoning

By Michael Cobb 15 Nov 2018

Web cache poisoning poses a serious threat to web browser security. Learn how hackers can exploit unkeyed inputs for malicious use with expert Michael Cobb. Read More

Why Web browser security is a goldmine for attackers

By Madelyn Bacon 02 Jul 2015

Video: Robert 'RSnake' Hansen of WhiteHat Security discusses Web browser security, third-party software vulnerabilities and the sad state of browser security throughout the industry. Read More

Secure web browser options: Does Firefox or Chrome fare better?

By Michael Cobb 03 Aug 2016

Crowning the most secure web browser is difficult, with research often turning up biased results. Expert Michael Cobb explains how to make a choice based on different surveys. Read More

Citrix Secure Browser is a new way to deploy Web apps

By Gabe Knuth 01 Apr 2016

Citrix's Secure Browser tool is a smart way for the company to repurpose existing technology to provide IT with full-service, hosted XenApp environments, available as Web applications. Read More

Can a walled garden approach help secure Web browsers?

By Michael Cobb 17 Aug 2015

While a walled garden can help secure Web browsers, they are not seen as beneficial by all. Expert Michael Cobb explains why. Read More

Web browser extension security: Mitigating browser plug-in threats

By Michael Cobb 12 Nov 2013

Application security expert Michael Cobb discusses the risks of Web browser extensions and what enterprises can do to counter browser plug-in threats. Read More

Beating socially engineered malware with Web browser security

By Michael Cobb 19 Aug 2014

Can one Web browser better protect an enterprise from socially engineered malware than another? Expert Michael Cobb explains. Read More

Microsoft Edge security features raise the bar in Web browser safety

By Michael Cobb 10 Aug 2015

Learn about the new and improved security features in the upcoming Microsoft Edge browser, including on-by-default sandboxes, Passport and HTML5. Read More

Web browser protection for users: Adapting to new Web security threats

By Nick Lewis 05 Mar 2014

Expert Nick Lewis explains how to provide a secure Web browsing experience for users when threats are no longer contained to certain parts of the Web. Read More

IE 11 security: Has Web browser security technology reached its peak?

By Michael Cobb 17 Dec 2013

Internet Explorer 11 offers few new security features. So, has Web browser security technology reached its peak? Michael Cobb details IE 11 security. Read More