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CASBs address wide range of cloud security concerns

By Paul Korzeniowski 26 Jan 2018

Cloud and distributed apps create complex security challenges. CASBs aim to resolve these issues with features for threat protection, data loss prevention and more. Read More

World Wide Fund for Nature tames out-of-control network

By Alex Scroxton 09 Mar 2018

The World Wide Fund for Nature turns to services provider Exponential-e to bolster its connectivity as it moves its wider IT estate into the cloud Read More

Wide area Ethernet can fuel digital network transformation

By Zeus Kerravala 15 Feb 2018

Wide area Ethernet might be just what the doctor ordered to help enterprises propel their digital network transformation efforts. Read More

Team collaboration tools spreading enterprise-wide

By Luke O'Neill 17 Oct 2017

Messaging-centric team collaboration apps are becoming more prevalent, as distributed groups of workers adopt this cloud-based technology. Microsoft Teams chases this trend. Read More

World Wide Web inventor Tim Berners-Lee wants us to fix the web’s bugs

By Cliff Saran 12 Mar 2018

Too much of the web and people’s personal data is under the control of a handful of mega-corporations. Is there a better way? Read More

Dawning of the digital security border: A new standard for wide area perimeter and border security

By Stewart Kantor 08 Feb 2018

Technology-based perimeter security may have a potential use case in the U.S. again thanks to low-power sensors and the new 802.16s industrial wireless standard. Read More

ROCA RSA flaw unveils secret keys on wide range of devices

By Michael Heller 18 Oct 2017

Researchers disclosed the ROCA RSA vulnerability as a dangerous flaw in the cryptographic code of Infineon chips that could undermine encryption key security for a number of devices. Read More

Encryption flaw leaves every Wi-Fi network in the world wide open

By Alex Scroxton 16 Oct 2017

A Belgian researcher has uncovered a major weakness in the WPA2 Wi-Fi security protocol that is thought to leave every Wi-Fi network in the world open to attack Read More

Samsung Knox MDM covers a wide range of use cases these days

By Jack Madden 11 Oct 2017

While Android enterprise has been around a few years, Samsung Knox security and management features still offer a lot of differentiation. Read More

Microsoft Azure joins Géant's Europe-wide IaaS mega-framework

By Caroline Donnelly 28 Sep 2017

Microsoft joins Géant's bid to create a cost-effective and accessible cloud procurement hub for Europe's education and research community Read More