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Windows 10 Count Finally Exceeds Windows 7

By Ed Tittel 02 Feb 2018

According to several sources now, the Windows 10 count finally exceeds Windows 7 from both USA and global perspectives. Read More

How to transition to Windows 10 without the headaches

By John Powers 20 Mar 2018

IT pros should take a step back and decide if an upgrade to Windows 10 is right for their organizations, or they may encounter problems during the process. Read More

Understanding NTUser.dat in Windows 10

By Ed Tittel 19 Mar 2018

Understanding NTUser.dat in Windows 10 means knowing that those files capture user profile settings and preferences, and are best left alone and untouched for proper OS operation. Read More

Windows 10 for 2017

By Ed Tittel 29 Dec 2017

As Dickens said: "It was the best of times; it was the worst of times." Windows 10 for 2017 was surely a mixed bag. Read More

How to establish Windows 10 security baselines

By Kevin Beaver 20 Feb 2018

IT should consider following Microsoft's Windows 10 security recommendations in the Security Compliance Toolkit to better protect the operating system. Read More

Windows 10 Gets S Modes

By Ed Tittel 07 Feb 2018

In a surprising twist, Microsoft does away with standalone Windows 10 S. Instead, Windows 10 gets S Modes for most consumer (and Education) versions. Read More

Windows Defender Credential Guard secures login data

By Brian Kirsch 19 Mar 2018

Windows Defender Credential Guard uses virtualization to isolate access to domain credentials and diminish the threat of attacks based inside the data center. Read More

Guard the line with Windows Defender features

By Ed Tittel 11 Jan 2018

The Windows 10 Fall Creators Update took Windows 10 security up a notch by adding advanced features to Windows Defender, including Application Guard and Exploit Guard. Read More

Get to know your Windows 10 update options

By Eddie Lockhart 01 Mar 2018

Windows as a service changes the way updates work in Windows 10 from past versions of the OS. Each of the three servicing channels handles updates in its own way. Read More

Windows Server 2016 hyper-converged options are here

By Robert Sheldon 28 Feb 2018

The latest edition of Windows Server from Microsoft includes options for implementing a hyper-converged infrastructure in a Microsoft-only IT operation. Read More