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Wipe, in a computing context, means to erase all data on a hard drive to render it unreadable. The term ...Read More

Software wet wipes, Sonatype advocates supply chain hygiene

By Adrian Bridgwater 20 Jul 2017

Supply chain automation company Sonatype produces what it calls its Software Supply Chain Report every year (now in its third) in an attempt to highlights alleged 'risks' lurking within open source ... Read More

If mobile remote wipe isn't an option, will selective wipe do?

By Michael Cobb 19 Aug 2015

Remote wipe isn't always an option when it comes to securing enterprise BYOD use. Learn how selective wipe and enterprise wipe technology can help erase corporate data on lost devices without compromising personal ... Read More

Disaster recovery as a service wipes out traditional DR plans

By Paul Korzeniowski 27 Feb 2015

Disaster recovery planning and infrastructure builds vex IT managers. Cloud services offer lower costs and more flexibility, but not without risk. Read More

Smart Kapp - An image capture dry-wipe whiteboard

By Clare McDonald 21 Jan 2015

SMART technologies, the company which brought interactive whiteboards into our classrooms, has developed a new dry-erase whiteboard capable of sending images to your smartphone. The digital capture ... Read More

What's the best way to remote wipe a user-owned laptop?

By Dan Sullivan 17 Nov 2014

Tools are now available to IT for a remote wipe of user-owned laptops. But set clear BYOD security policies and inform users. Read More

The man who wiped $56bn off the storage industry

By Nick Booth 08 Jul 2014

Nick Booth hears from innovator and lecturer Ash Ashutosh who is threatening to change the storage industry Read More

Why remote wipe may not be a godsend

By Craig Mathias 09 Sep 2013

Using remote wipe won't keep sensitive data from falling into the wrong hands. By the time you perform a wipe, that data has already been compromised. Read More

Can remote wipe completely erase mobile phone data?

By Nick Lewis 26 Mar 2015

Remote wipe is the option most people think of when looking to erase data on mobile phones, but it isn't always the most effective. Expert Nick Lewis explores how to fully remove data from a device. Read More

Privacy lessons from the fitness fiasco

By Bryan Betts 01 Feb 2018

Most of us already recognise that technology has the potential to wipe out our privacy, if checks and balances are not in place – or at least I hope we do! What’s scary then in the recent hoo-hah ... Read More

Wipe out Excel tax chaos with tax provisioning software

By Tony Kontzer 14 May 2014

Using Excel spreadsheets for tax provisioning can be, well, taxing. Learn how dedicated software can simplify and improve the process. Read More