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In computing, the workload is the amount of processing that the computer has been given to do at a given...Read More

Cloud, without workload management, doesn't work

By Adrian Bridgwater 26 Mar 2018

When you want cloud, you just turn it on (or off), right? That’s the beauty of the eminently controllable datacentre-driven services-centric cloud computing model of application processing and ... Read More

Cloud workloads, data lakes challenge information architecture

By Jack Vaughan 06 Apr 2018

Data management options are expanding; cloud workloads are an example. That means changing your approach to information architecture, says data management expert William McKnight. Read More

Azure Migrate aims to attract VMware workloads to the cloud

By David Linthicum 30 Mar 2018

A new Azure service removes a lot of the guesswork for IT teams that want to move VMs to Microsoft's public cloud. But will a lack of early support from VMware hurt its appeal? Read More

Cisco: Cloud computing workloads to skyrocket by 2021

By Chuck Moozakis 09 Feb 2018

By 2021, Cisco says, cloud computing workloads will make up the lion's share of data center traffic as enterprises expand security, IoT and other activities in the cloud. Read More

Hyper-converged IT options should match your workload needs

By Rodney Brown 10 Apr 2018

Moving to a hyper-converged infrastructure requires a great deal of study and planning. That starts with knowing what workloads you plan to run on the HCI system. Read More

Match your hyper-converged hardware pick with your workload

By Brien Posey 15 Mar 2018

Overall workload demands and growth projections, not just user applications, should be top of mind when you choose among the hardware options in hyper-converged appliances. Read More

File locking and workload limitations in Cloudian hybrid cloud storage

By Antony Adshead 15 Mar 2018

Hybrid cloud has had a boost recently with the emergence of file/object environments that allow customers to operate a single namespace between on-premise and public cloud locations. One of the ... Read More

AWS security automation protects sensitive data, workloads

By Stephen J. Bigelow 22 Dec 2017

AWS security tools keep cloud environments safe, but as application development methods evolve, so too must security. Evaluate these automation tools to protect your workloads. Read More