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UK fintechs preparing for the worst Brexit

By Karl Flinders 21 Feb 2018

UK Fintechs are implementing their Brexit plans and it means the UK is losing jobs now could be bypassed for future roles Read More

Hull and Highlands worst for superfast broadband availability

By Alex Scroxton 26 Jan 2018

Government statistics on average broadband speeds by constituency have found that a great number of people living in Kingston upon Hull, and the Scottish Highlands and Islands, are still unable to receive an ... Read More

ASEAN nations among worst hit by cryptocurrency-mining operation

By Aaron Tan 02 Feb 2018

Thailand, Vietnam and Indonesia recorded high download numbers for the XMRig software that was surreptitiously slipped into user devices to mine Monero Read More

NotPetya tops list of worst ransomware attacks

By Warwick Ashford 31 Oct 2017

NotPetya, WannaCry and other ransomware have caused unprecedented damage to businesses, infrastructure and users, say threat researchers Read More

Frost Science Museum IT DR planning braced for worst, survived Irma

By Dave Raffo 08 Jan 2018

The Frost Museum of Science on the water in Miami braced for Hurricane Irma with a solidified storage and data center infrastructure, and it suffered minimal damage from the storm. Read More

Build a data center shutdown procedure to prepare for the worst

By Stephen J. Bigelow 08 Dec 2016

A data center shutdown checklist helps IT teams focus on backup, testing and system verification before pulling the plug and losing valuable information. Read More

Why the worst mobile security risks just won't go away

By Alyssa Provazza 13 Sep 2016

The biggest mobile security threats aren't hiding in the shadows. For IT admins who don't properly secure mobile devices and apps, the monster is in the mirror. Read More

Don't get stuck: Here's how to avoid the worst Agile meeting syndrome

By Jennifer Lent 16 Aug 2016

Too much talking and not enough listening equals boredom and ineffectual meetings. Columnist Jennifer Lent has great advice on how to keep regular Agile gatherings lively and relevant. Read More

Android fragmentation: An app developer's worst nightmare?

By Joel Shore 19 Jul 2016

Android fragmentation is out of control. It's a complete mess for developers and not something they should have to put up with. Read More