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Ransomware fears spur moves away from Windows XP

By Simon Quicke 24 Jul 2017

There has been an acceleration in the migration away from Windows XP to more modern alternatives with the ransomware threat looming over users Read More

Windows XP patches: Did Microsoft make the right decision?

By Nick Lewis 26 Oct 2017

Microsoft had to make several tradeoffs when developing patches for Windows XP. Expert Nick Lewis explains what these tradeoffs were and how enterprises should respond. Read More

Last remaining XP users a channel target

By Simon Quicke 29 Jun 2017

The recent ransomware attacks have exposed the dangers of using an unsupported operating system and the users still clinging onto Windows XP need to be targeted by the channel Read More

More Windows XP fixes in June Patch Tuesday release

By Michael Heller 14 Jun 2017

Microsoft's June 2017 Patch Tuesday saw another set of Windows XP fixes released in order to secure systems against leaked NSA cyberweapons. Read More

Microsoft releases ReactXP to open source

By Adrian Bridgwater 12 Apr 2017

Microsoft has released to open source ReactXP -- a library for building cross-platform apps (with a heavy emphasis on User Interfaces) based on the React JavaScript library and framework. Microsoft ... Read More

UK government, NHS and Windows XP support - what really happened

By Bryan Glick 15 May 2017

In all the debate about the NHS ransomware attack, much has been made of a government decision in 2015 to end a contract with Microsoft to provide support for the ageing Windows XP operating system ... Read More

WannaCry attack should spur ransomware and XP migration activity

By Simon Quicke 15 May 2017

The high profile global ransomware attack at the end of last week should get the phones ringing as customers turn to resellers for advice about security and getting off outdated operating systems Read More

Met Police vulnerable to cyber attacks due to Windows XP use, GLA warned

By Lis Evenstad 27 Jun 2017

The Greater London Authority fears the Metropolitan Police is vulnerable to cyber attacks after figures reveal more than 18,000 devices in the force still run on Windows XP Read More

Windows XP finally on the decline

By Sean McGrath 03 Jul 2015

Monthly figures suggest that users are finally ditching XP in order to cash in on the Windows 10 free upgrade offer Read More

HPE launches new XP7 based on Hitachi technology

By Dave Raffo 25 Oct 2016

Hewlett Packard Enterprise launched its high-end enterprise storage array upgade today at the same time as Hitachi Data Systems. The HPE XP7 and HDS Virtual Storage Platform (VSP) use the same ... Read More