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Rackspace colocation program hosts users' legacy servers

By Ed Scannell 16 Jul 2018

Rackspace now has a managed colocation program that it hopes to upsell its customers with additional services, once their servers are in-house. Read More

Broadcom acquisition of CA seeks broader portfolio

By Ed Scannell 12 Jul 2018

Broadcom has acquired CA Technologies in a move some believe is largely financially motivated, while others see an opportunity for the companies to integrate core offerings. Read More

HPE's HCI system takes aim at space-constrained data centers

By Ed Scannell 06 Jul 2018

HPE has complemented its recent high-end hyper-converged system with another HCI system to fit the space-constrained environments of branch offices or SMBs. Read More

Dell's return to public markets sidesteps VMware query

By Ed Scannell 03 Jul 2018

In a complex stock deal Dell once again becomes a public company to flex its muscles against major legacy IT rivals, but sidesteps questions about VMware's autonomy. Read More

HPE gives its memory-driven computing initiative another try

By Ed Scannell 22 Jun 2018

HPE has brought its memory-driven computing architecture back into the spotlight, this time with a little help from its friends to meet enterprises' future IT infrastructure needs. Read More

HPE edge computing strategy reroutes data, apps around the cloud

By Ed Scannell 20 Jun 2018

HPE's edge computing strategy hinges on converged infrastructure systems to help enterprises manage data outside their data centers and the cloud, and help the company regain market traction. Read More

Splunk's VictorOps acquisition extends alerts, but narrows lanes

By Ed Scannell 12 Jun 2018

Splunk's purchase of VictorOps, its fifth deal in the past year, adds DevOps incident management, on-call scheduling and alerting, and opens doors into adjacent markets. Read More

Success of GitHub deal hinges on Azure's open source appeal

By Ed Scannell 06 Jun 2018

Microsoft's ongoing détente with the open source community advances with a deal to purchase GitHub, the world's largest open source code repository. Read More

IBM's Cloud Private for Data brings on-prem data closer to the cloud

By Ed Scannell 01 Jun 2018

IBM rolled out its Cloud Private for Data platform designed to make it easier for users' on-premises data to interact with not just IBM's public cloud, but those of AWS and Google. Read More

Plexxi buy bolsters HPE composable infrastructure strategy

By Ed Scannell 22 May 2018

HPE strengthened its composable infrastructure strategy with the acquisition of Plexxi, a startup that adds a networking element crucial to the company's success in that market. Read More