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Denis Pombriant

Beagle Research

Denis Pombriant was one of the first analysts to dedicate a practice to Software as a Service (SaaS) CRM and CRM on demand. He is prepared to answer your questions about evaluating and managing on demand CRM.Read More

HubSpot Ventures to strategically fund friendly startups

By Albert McKeon 07 Jan 2019

HubSpot remembers the financial backing it received as a new company and creates its own $30 million venture fund to invest in startups that align with the HubSpot mission. Read More

Industrial engineering company chooses integrated CRM for CX needs

By Albert McKeon 22 Jan 2019

Through partnering with only Oracle for all of its CX needs, Schenck Process realizes the benefits of an integrated CRM over multiple products. Read More

Improving customer experience strategy with digital tweaks vs. transformation

By Albert McKeon 14 Nov 2018

Improving the customer experience with digital technologies doesn't have to entail full-blown transformation. Here are three organizations that make the case. Read More

GE and others head to factory of the future vision with Oracle

By Tony Kontzer 30 Nov 2018

Four manufacturing companies explain how Oracle IoT technology has helped them move forward with Industry 4.0 pursuits, including cloud ERP and industrial IoT. Read More

Analyst Denis Pombriant reviews Microsoft Dynamics news for CRM

20 Mar 2013

Analyst Denis Pombriant discusses Microsoft Dynamics CRM's move into marketing and social analytics at the company's Convergence 2013 conference. Read More

Data dominance the prize in Salesforce ERP integration moves

By Tony Kontzer 11 Oct 2018

Following the MuleSoft acquisition in March, the Dreamforce conference reinforces the cloud CRM leader's ambition to become the front end to enterprise data. Read More

CRM development: Building apps on top of systems

By Denis Pombriant 20 May 2014

Building on top of CRM applications can speed time to market and establish standardization, Denis Pombriant explains. Read More

Salesforce databases remain Oracle, for now

By Jesse Scardina 18 Jan 2018

Oracle and Salesforce executives deny reports of Salesforce moving on from Oracle infrastructure. Read More

Are CRM software subscription models the future?

By Denis Pombriant 20 May 2014

Companies' success with subscriptions has been mixed. But CRM subscription models provide key customer insight, says expert Denis Pombriant. Read More