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Denis Pombriant

Beagle Research

Denis Pombriant was one of the first analysts to dedicate a practice to Software as a Service (SaaS) CRM and CRM on demand. He is prepared to answer your questions about evaluating and managing on demand CRM.Read More

CRM development: Building apps on top of systems

By Denis Pombriant 20 May 2014

Building on top of CRM applications can speed time to market and establish standardization, Denis Pombriant explains. Read More

Measuring the success of a digital content strategy

By Denis Pombriant 29 Jul 2014

Now that people consume Web content on a number of different channels, developing new metrics that accurately measure your audience's activities will help improve your digital content strategy. Read More

Wearable computing devices and the rise of single-purpose technology

By Denis Pombriant 22 Jul 2014

Wearable computing can gather data that gets crunched in real time with a device as small as a USB stick. But wearables are mostly single-purpose. Read More

Are CRM software subscription models the future?

By Denis Pombriant 20 May 2014

Companies' success with subscriptions has been mixed. But CRM subscription models provide key customer insight, says expert Denis Pombriant. Read More

Sales analytics, forecasting get a boost from data modeling

By Denis Pombriant 03 Jul 2014

Customer sales analytics can indicate some important data correlations, but for real insight and better sales forecasting methods you need modeling. Read More

Why IoT needs a CRM platform

By Denis Pombriant 07 Jul 2014

The Internet of Things needs a CRM platform to corral the intelligence that these devices generate. Read More

Why customer nurturing technologies matter

By Denis Pombriant 20 May 2014

Companies must devote resources not only to retaining customers but also to acquiring new ones. Customer nurturing is becoming increasingly important. Read More

Could CRM platforms make ERP irrelevant?

By Denis Pombriant 17 Jun 2014

CRM platforms could connect traditionally back-office applications such as ERP systems, HR and so on. Could CRM make ERP irrelevant? Read More

Community forums as pathways for customer engagement

By Denis Pombriant 21 May 2014

Community forums give customers a powerful venue to offer companies insight on products and services. Read More