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How can companies implement ITSM compliance standards?

By Jeffrey Ritter 12 Oct 2018

In this Ask the Expert, IT governance expert Jeffrey Ritter discusses his formula to successfully align new technology with ITSM compliance standards -- all while minimizing risk. Read More

How secure-by-design ITSM processes can be a business differentiator

By Ben Cole 19 Oct 2018

Secure ITSM procedures are essential to digital organizations' data protection processes. They can also be a bottom line boon, says information governance expert Jeffrey Ritter. Read More

4 cloud-based e-discovery strategies to target containerized data

By Jeffrey Ritter 26 Nov 2018

A cloud migration requires evaluating any existing information governance programs. E-discovery in the cloud and for container-based data platforms requires a detailed strategy. Read More

E-discovery in the cloud introduces security, compliance issues

By Jeffrey Ritter 26 Nov 2018

E-discovery is still reliable for organizing and preserving data for legal compliance, but e-discovery in the cloud and container-based storage complicate governance processes. Read More

Jeffrey Ritter

University of Oxford

Jeffrey Ritter, Esq., is one of the nation's leading experts on information governance, security, the use of digital information as evidence and the emergence of cloud services.Read More

ITSM governance essential as new tech trends drive business processes

By Jeffrey Ritter 10 Oct 2018

New tech trends in AI, cloud and robotic process automation create capabilities that are reshaping ITSM. But for the innovations to reach their full potential, strong governance over ITSM processes are required. Read More

Webcast: Incorporating log data analysis with incident management

By Tom Gambardella 14 Mar 2018

Log data analysis has evolved in recent years and can prove invaluable to security incident management. Jeffrey Ritter presents a webcast showcasing this evolution. Read More

Blockchain implementation: Connecting the missing DLT links

By Jeffrey Ritter 09 Feb 2018

Blockchain implementation is helping streamline governance processes, but a few questions must be answered first to take full advantage of distributed ledger technology. Read More

Can aligning compliance and information governance create new revenue?

By Ben Cole 31 Aug 2016

Jeffrey Ritter discusses the benefits of compliance and information governance process alignment, including the potential for discovering new sources of business revenue. Read More

Compliance battle over digital ownership has begun

By Jeffrey Ritter 25 Sep 2017

Rules defining digital ownership will dictate how the data-based economy evolves. CIOs should get ahead of data asset management before competitors write rules to their advantage. Read More