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Glen Kemp

Glen Kemp is a professional services consultant in the United Kingdom. He designs and deploys network and application security tools, including access control and firewalls.Read More

Assessing performance bottlenecks in virtualized networking

By Glen Kemp 25 Jul 2018

Virtual or soft switches can add measurable overhead to network-intensive workloads, but implementing PCI devices offers one option to reduce excess overhead. Read More

When the benefits of network virtualization aren't enough

By Glen Kemp 01 Jun 2015

Consultant Glen Kemp shares the story of a client who re-evaluated the benefits of network virtualization after encountering a platform bug. Read More

Broadcom, Intel SDN offerings: What's the difference?

By Glen Kemp 01 May 2014

Glen Kemp breaks down the differences between Broadcom and Intel SDN chips and reference designs. Read More

What is the difference between network orchestration and SDN control?

By Glen Kemp 22 May 2014

Glen Kemp discusses the differences between network orchestration, similar to OpenStack, and SDN control, which is happening through OpenDaylight. Read More

What's behind your application performance problems

By Glen Kemp 02 May 2014

Glen Kemp illuminates some of the issues that can lead to application performance issues in this two-part series. Read More

Will white box switches be needed in an enterprise network?

By Glen Kemp 12 Mar 2014

Glen Kemp explains why white box switches are a result of increased commoditization in the marketplace and why they're needed in enterprise networks. Read More

Five steps to boost network efficiency in campus LAN

By Glen Kemp 11 Dec 2013

Networking expert Glen Kemp reveals five ways to optimize the efficiency of your campus LAN. Read More

Network penetration testing isn't working: Why you still get hacked

By Glen Kemp 11 Jul 2013

Security architect Glen Kemp says that enterprises must do more than deploy automated penetration testing to ensure Website security. Read More

What is the difference between SDN and NFV?

By Glen Kemp 25 Mar 2014

To help make sense of SDN and NFV differences, SDN expert Glen Kemp compares the two technologies, and discusses how they affect each other and whether they can work together. Read More