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Kanban is a visual signal that's used to trigger an action. At its simplest, kanban is a card with an ...Read More

How does eKanban differ from traditional Kanban?

By Dave Turbide 14 Dec 2015

With its basis in physical cues, the traditional Kanban system has been limited by lag time in passing along information. Electronic Kanban is a different story. Read More

How can a Kanban process improve materials replenishment?

By Jawad Akhtar 27 Oct 2015

Manufacturing companies can improve their approach to materials replenishment by implementing a Kanban process. Read More

Kanban vs. Scrum: Which Agile tool should you use?

By Maxine Giza 01 Nov 2013

When contemplating Kanban vs. Scrum, some Agile testing experts suggest taking time into consideration. Read More

Is Kanban an Agile methodology?

By Lisa Crispin 31 Oct 2011

As Agile development continues to expand, related tools and terms can be confusing. In this expert response, Lisa Crispin explains what Kanban is and how it can work together with Agile principles. Read More

Integrating Kanban into your processes

By Yvette Francino 21 Sep 2011

What do you do once you've mastered Scrum? How about incorporating some Lean practices using Kanban into your methodology? At least that's what appears to be happening more and more as ... Read More

Carl Shaulis on Kanban at STPCon2011

27 Oct 2011

Carl Shaulis from HomeAway.com gave a presentation at STPCon 2011 on how testing can work in the world of kanban. Watch this video for a brief overview of the processes his company identified for expediting testing... Read More

Japanese kanban board improves Microsoft developer workflow

By Adrian Bridgwater 17 Aug 2012

Microsoft has extended its Team Foundation Server (TFS) product this week with a new kanban board designed to improve developer workflow especially for teams using Agile and Scrum development methods. Read More

Customizing your project management framework: Agile, Scrum, Kanban

By Lisa Crispin 29 Jun 2012

Agile expert Lisa Crispin recommends focusing on company goals when incorporating Agile or a customized variation into your team’s project management framework. Read More

Scrum and Kanban: Mixing two popular project management frameworks

By Lisa Crispin 15 May 2012

Agile expert Lisa Crispin explains the similarities and differences in Scrum and Kanban and describes how the two might be mixed using principles from both. Read More

Kanban (カンバン) Toyota Just-In-Time techniques for social coding

By Adrian Bridgwater 01 May 2012

Colorado-based application lifecycle management (ALM) player Rally has this week used its annual RallyON conference to host a live App Hackathon to demonstrate the benefits of its social-coding ... Read More