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Definitionloose coupling

Loose coupling is a method of interconnecting the components in a system or network so that those ...Read More

Choose a loosely coupled architecture for DevOps success

By George Lawton 23 Jan 2018

To successfully pivot your organization toward DevOps and cloud, carefully evaluate and fine-tune your architecture first, and then think about tool sets. Read More

Cloud-native tooling for managing loosely coupled systems evolving

By Cameron McKenzie 06 Sep 2017

How does an organization manage loosely coupled systems built with containers and microservices? Apprenda's Sinclair Schuller discusses how tools are evolving. Read More

Break the monolith! Loosely coupled architecture brings DevOps success

By Anders Wallgren 07 Sep 2017

Speed and stability are the keys to unlocking high-performing DevOps capabilities. Loosely coupled, microservice-oriented architecture helps you achieve both. Read More

Loose coupling, tight data access minimize security risks of new tech

By Niel Nickolaisen 17 Aug 2017

A recent article on biological malware got Niel Nickolaisen thinking about how to minimize security risks in emerging tech. Here are two approaches that will help. Read More

When loose coupling and SOA style software layering doesn't make sense

15 Jun 2015

Loose coupling and adding in SOA style layers don't make sense unless an application is going to be distributed. If enterprise wide distribution isn't in your application's future, stop adding in extra complexity, ... Read More

Can a pattern become an anti-pattern? How to avoid the loose coupling mistake

15 Jan 2015

Nobody is debating the benefits of loose-coupling, but far too many SOA architects take the practice too far. Make sure you know when loose-coupling makes sense, and more importantly, when it doesn't. Read More

EMC Federation strives to be 'aligned but loosely coupled'

By Dave Raffo 07 May 2014

EMC's four CEOs discuss how they work together and apart in a changing IT world. Read More

How loosely coupled applications beat middleware

By Adrian Bridgwater 20 Oct 2011

A lot of people in business hate the software that runs their company. Executives grudgingly accept the painful shortcomings of their software because they feel they have few practical alternatives. Read More

Key benefits of architecting loosely coupled SOA-based solutions

01 Apr 2013

Service-oriented architectures (SOA) experience the most benefits when architects use loose coupling to build their solutions. Read More

Loose coupling per "201 Principles of Software Development"

By Jack Vaughan 11 Aug 2011

Principle 73 in Alan Davis' 201 Principles of Software Development discusses the need for loose coupling of software components. This is a ''known unknown'' that bears repeating. Services ... Read More