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Eli Lilly data strategy paves way for AI in drug discovery

Pharmaceutical giant Eli Lilly has embarked on an enterprise data initiative that paves the way for greater AI use. Read about the company's strategy.


Senate bill a step forward for cryptocurrency regulation

A bipartisan cryptocurrency regulation bill gives the digital assets market much-needed definitions that will enable a regulatory framework to fall into place, experts say.


5 factors reshaping the role of the CIO in 2022

The role of the CIO in 2022 is being shaped by a constellation of new technologies and the business's burning need to use them for competitive advantage.


3 ideas CIOs can use for better disruption planning

Discover how a focus on three areas -- cybersecurity, employee experience and proactive management -- can help CIOs plan for and better manage disruptions.

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    10 metaverse dangers CIOs and IT leaders should address

    The metaverse poses many of the same risks and security pitfalls that the internet does. Here's a look at 10 of those issues and how IT leaders should address them.

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    data latency

    Data latency is the time it takes for data packets to be stored or retrieved. In business intelligence (BI), data latency is how long it takes for a business user to retrieve source data from a data warehouse or BI dashboard.

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    A chief data officer (CDO) in many organizations is a C-level executive whose position has evolved into a range of strategic data management responsibilities related to the business to derive maximum value from the data available to the enterprise.

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