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What are the top five misconceptions about cloud-to-cloud data backup?

Protecting data created in the cloud is a low priority for many organizations. Learn the biggest fallacies about cloud-to-cloud backup.

Here are the five most common misconceptions about cloud-to-cloud data backup.

1. It isn't necessary

It's easy to assume storage as a service (SaaS) providers will back up your data. But they often create backups only for their own purposes, and may be unable or unwilling to restore data for individual customers. If they do restore your data, you may be charged an additional fee. In most cases, it is preferable to protect your own cloud-created data.

2. You only need a general backup subscription

When it comes to on-premises backup software, you can typically purchase a single product that will provide everything you need to back up your organization's data (though you may need add-ons for specific applications). In contrast, you may need a variety of products to protect cloud data. When it comes to SaaS, a cloud-based backup service focuses on a specific product such as Salesforce or Office 365. Consequently, you may have to manage multiple backup products.

3. You get the same backup frequency as your local backup application

In local environments, data backup administrators rely on continuous data protection and believe it will also be used for cloud backups. In reality, many cloud-to-cloud data backup applications only synchronize data once per day.

4. Cloud-to-cloud backup applications offer comprehensive protection

In many instances, there are gaps in the coverage cloud-to-cloud backup apps provide. Some Office 365 backup tools, for example, may omit SharePoint sites or Yammer discussions.

5. The initial configuration is tedious

At one time, it was common to configure cloud-to-cloud protection on a per-user basis. Thankfully, things have gotten better and most cloud-to-cloud data backup services no longer require such a tedious configuration process.

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