Buffington: Keep backup and archive distinct, but coordinated

Backup and archive may not be in the spotlight at this year's EMC World conference, but as ESG senior analyst Jason Buffington noted in this SearchDataBackup video, EMC has been far from quiet on that front.

"One of the big pieces of information was actually to remind us a few months ago they started shipping the data protection suite, which I think that is a great way to actually consume the broader range of … products without being hemmed and hawed as to which of these technologies is best for which workload and then having to move off of it as cases go on," Buffington said.

He noted that EMC and Data Domain have integrated backup and archive in the same storage -- while keeping them distinct -- which is a good situation, and noted that some other vendors have actually confused the two processes.

"From a marketing perspective, there have been a lot of vendors out there who have been actually confusing those two topics for a very long time and thinking that anytime that backup is on tape, it's an archive. They're wrong. Backup and archive are two very different kinds of data. That doesn't necessarily mean, though, that the people should be separate, that the storage should be separate, that the management and activities and the culture of backup versus archiving should be separate. That's not true," Buffington said.

He said that what is actually beneficial is the convergence of backup and archiving, including operational benefits from coordinating the two.

"I like the idea of backup and archive being in same conversation; just don't confuse what you're actually doing when you're doing each one," Buffington said.

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