Schulz: Look for common tools in backup and archive

IT departments have a tendency to differentiate between backup and archive, but -- as Greg Schulz of Storage IO notes in this SearchDataBackup video -- looking for ways to rely on the same equipment for the different jobs can save money and reduce the complexity of your operation.

"In the past, [archiving and backup] have been kept separate -- used separate tools, separate policies, separate steps, maybe even different people. Why can't they be brought together? If the technology is there, if the technology can be used in new ways, why can't they leverage each other?" Schulz asked. "Think about it -- archiving is protecting data for a long term, where backing up should be thought about as rapid restores, rapid restarts, rapid restoration. But can the same tool be used? Maybe."

He said using the same tools to collect and move that data takes some complexity out of the situation.

"If you can use that same target that can now reduce that data with the dedupe, the compression, but use that same target for backing up, but also for archiving, keeping in mind different recovery times, retention cycles, things like that, that's policy management; there's another point where you can remove complexity and remove cost," Schulz said.

Schulz said IT administrators should rethink their backup and archiving processes and try to find ways of using common tools to achieve those goals.

"It's not just about cutting cost; it's about removing cost at the different aspects to support increased scalability," Schulz said.

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