Enterprise AI

AI in the enterprise will change how work is done, but companies must overcome several challenges to derive value from this powerful and rapidly evolving technology.

In this guide, learn about the importance of AI to companies, including:

  • A discussion of AI's principal benefits and the technical and ethical risks it poses
  • Current and potential AI use cases
  • The challenges of integrating AI applications into existing business processes
  • Technological breakthroughs driving the field forward
  • And more

The state of AI in the enterprise

Ben Lorica, chief data scientist at O'Reilly Media and his team set off to answer what is the state of AI in the enterprise, here are some of their findings:

  • 54% of companies surveyed are still in the evaluation state of AI adoption
  • 57% would need to hire machine learning modelers/data scientist to lessen this skills gap
  • 63% are currently using supervised AI technologies