virtualization administrator

A virtualization administrator is an employee whose responsibilities include virtual environment set up and maintenance, in addition to traditional sysadmin duties. That virtual environment could consist of operating systems, network resources, servers, storage, desktops, applications and/or data.

Someone in this position performs specific tasks involved in running a data center, such as installing the hypervisor, configuring, provisioning and deploying VMs and managing pools and clusters.

Key aspects of this role include ensuring security and compliance, troubleshooting potential issues and effectively communicating and addressing any problems throughout the development and day-to-day management of the virtual infrastructure. The virtualization administrator also creates and maintains documentation and establishes backup and recovery procedures.

While traditional IT roles were very siloed, in that each employee had a specific discipline, such as networking, storage or security, a broad skill set is crucial to meeting the requirements of this position. As technology evolves, so will the responsibilities of the virtualization system administrator, who will need to be flexible and embrace change.

This was last updated in November 2016

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