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TechTarget offers advertisers multiple ways to engage IT decision makers through an array of branding, demand gen, face-to-face, social media and mobile platforms. In addition to offering standard content syndication, TechTarget offers a full range of editorial sponsorships, streaming media production and syndication, as well as mobile and social solutions.

TechTarget’s advanced Activity Intelligence™ platform ensures that your content syndication campaigns are targeted to prospects that are actively researching solutions on the topics you care most about. Through advanced features such as our Demand Engage offerings, TechTarget can extend the efficacy of advertiser content assets and pro-actively nurture prospects and move them through the buy-cycle. With our suite of e-Products, your brand is aligned with topical, relevant TechTarget editorial content, and your own content is prominently featured through the e-Product Demand Engage unit. If you’re interested in streaming media, TechTarget offers opportunities for webcasts, podasts, video and virtual seminars. We can help you produce your streaming assets, or simply syndicate and promote the content you already have.

As a vendor of products and/or services focusing on mobility, there are several ways for you to benefit from exposure on Our ability to attract highly focused IT professionals provides advertisers and vendors with compelling opportunities to communicate and transact with their specific target audiences. works with vendors and advertisers to create campaigns aimed at maximizing ROI on your marketing investments. These opportunities allow vendors to generate leads and brand visibility within this highly targeted market segment.

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Contact Gabrielle DeRussy, Senior Vice President, Sales Operations, (617) 431-9603. Marketing Opportunities

White Papers: Post your white paper in our Bitpipe and receive contact information for every IT pro that downloads your paper.

Webcasts: Sponsors receive leads from thousands of members who tune in each month to learn from industry experts and peers, ask questions and keep up to date on the latest technologies.

E-Publications: Deliver your marketing message within highly relevant and topical editorial content utilizing our E-Books, Handbooks and E-Guides.

Modern Mobility E-Zine: Align your brand and content with the latest issue of Modern Mobility Magazine – a monthly publication dedicated to technologies and strategies central to business transformation in the mobile era, including: building and managing corporate applications, protecting sensitive data, purchasing hardware and architecting a support infrastructure.

Banners and Links: Increase brand awareness through online advertising on our network of mobility-specific IT Web sites including SearchMobileComputing.

Invitation-Only Conferences: TechTarget Conferences bring unprecedented networking and face-to-face marketing opportunities to the table. Our delegates attend free of charge and are selected based on budget, purchase authority, size of implementation, title and other qualifying criteria.

Learn more about TechTarget Conferences on the TechTarget Conferences Web Site.

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