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Building a cloud network architecture based on metrics

Building cloud network architecture can be a challenge for any enterprise, but employing useful metrics can help to clear up confusion. Today's cloud environment is powered by data ranging from customer satisfaction to the technical attributes of the system. 

Above all, customer satisfaction is critical. If users are displeased with a cloud network architecture and what it can deliver -- whether that's SaaS to virtualization or some other architecture feature -- then user reaction can harm your offering. Gathering data about customer experience is critical, and provides the stepping-off point to understanding how to best improve your cloud network architecture.

Even today, in modern cloud network architecture, transactions matter. They may no longer be conducted between a front end and database tier and may in fact fall into a microservices model. The latency of transactions can be an important question for a system's end users.

Transactions per second have been measured since the age of early mainframes, but are growing in importance in the age of the cloud. Unlike in the past, transactions are not just between a front-end and database tier. Today they can involve as many as 10 or 20 different component applications working together in a microservices environment. The applications respond back to the end-user for inquiries. Even component applications themselves can be a cause for concern or user dissatisfaction and, as a result, their performance metrics must always be taken into consideration.

Engineers must understand the human and technical metrics that enable success in hybrid deliveries. Problems can come up quickly, but having data on hand to parse and mitigate problems will help. Data can help when it comes to determining the effect on the end user, thereby moving toward better guarantees of quality service and satisfaction. 

Take a look at our webcast to help you better understand the kinds of human and systems data that needs to be gathered and assessed for your cloud network setup to succeed.

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