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Managing enterprise networks: How to achieve IT monitoring nirvana

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Network managers need to understand and prepare for the changes brought on by virtualization and the cloud and how that affects their ability to manage the network.  Gaining visibility into monitoring and management in this virtualized and cloud-based world is the ultimate goal for IT managers, but it doesn't come without challenges.

In this video, you'll gain insight into the desired state for monitoring and managing enterprise networks and the challenges IT departments face. Henry Svendblad, principal research analyst with Nemertes Research, discusses what network managers need to do to overcome these challenges to get to IT nirvana. The key building blocks covered in the video will offer IT managers and departments what they need to consider in order to achieve the ideal state of improved visibility and control of the enterprise network.

About the author
Henry Svendblad is a principal research analyst with Nemertes Research, where he conducts both primary benchmark research and custom research, advises vendor and enterprise clients, writes thought-leadership reports, and delivers strategic seminars. A seasoned senior-level IT executive, Henry leads research on advanced carrier services with an emphasis on emerging trends, vendor management, business continuity/disaster recovery, security and cloud strategies.

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