The endpoint data security revolution: Going beyond antivirus

It has never been more crucial for an enterprise to ensure that its endpoint protection strategy is sound. Organizations must move beyond trusting endpoint security to outdated, ineffective signature-based antimalware systems, and instead look toward a mix of new and evolving technologies. It is also essential to determine what devices and applications should be allowed to run on an endpoint, define that determination in a policy and use technology to support and enforce it.

In this video, Mike Rothman, president of information security consulting firm Securosis LLC, discusses these important considerations. Rothman looks at how endpoint data security has evolved over time and covers some of the latest advancements in endpoint protection. He examines next-generation endpoint defense and control options and their ability to stop attackers at the original point of attack. Rothman also explores the integration of endpoint technology with other advanced forensics tools and malware controls and their role in a contemporary endpoint security strategy.

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